Monday, May 2, 2011

Lights ....Cameras.....ACTION!

cameras collection

I love working on fun commissions for clients....and I love this project was super fun and I really enjoyed it....My Client needed a fun camera for her Business....and here are the cameras I created.....

I don't know about you ....but I take my camera everywhere I go....I take photos of things that inspire and is amazing how many times I take a photo each and every day.....

Then there are times I forget to bring along my good yesterday when I went to this super fun Bridal was a feast for the eyes...and all I had was my Blackberry....but that didn't stop me from taking some here is some fun shots of inspirations at this party!!!




a card I created with my custom work for the Bride to be......
May 1st  2011 007
treats I packed up for home ....all my favorites!!!!! and yes those are French macarons!!!!
May 1st  2011 008
the view was spectacular!!! what a great place.....

My Mom won the gorgeous Tulips and I had to snap a shot when we came to my place before she took them home.....
May 1st  2011 013
a yummy crepe bowl filled with amazing ice cream and mixed was divine!!!






What about you? Do you have to have a camera with you at all times? are you taking photos of food like me? or decor? 

My friends always laugh when I take photos of food....but food is amazing and I love taking photos of food!!!

and they do love seeing the photos of food I maybe it is not that weird after

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


GlorV1 said...

Oh wow, what a fun post Diana. Great photos and the fool looks delish. The scenery outside is just great. Thanks for sharing, wonderful shots. I'm hungry now.:))

Ces Adorio said...

Holy smokes! Everything looks great! Ah yes, a blogger does not carry a camera with her or him, because it is implanted in her or his body.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Diana, what an AMAZING set of photos! mouth is watering!!! And there is not a thing wrong with photographing food~~you do it quite well!
I discovered on my one camera (one, as in more than one...) I have hit over the thousand photo mark, so I am waiting for the poor thing to keel over!
Glad you had your Blackberry!

P.S. Hope the election goes well tonight.

Unknown said...

Thank you Gloria! The place was amazing!

Ces!!!! You are so right....I feel lost without my camera!!!!!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

Wow, what a beautiful bridal shower.
The food and tables look fabulous.
Your Mother must have been happy taking home the pretty tulips.
Yes, most times I have my camera with me when I go out.

Have a happy week

Christine said...

wow if this is a bridal shower, I can't imagine what the actual wedding will be like! Awesome food pics, thanks.

Unknown said...

Thank you Carolyn! I was so thrilled my Mom won the centerpiece!!!!!

Thanks Christine....I am always taking photos to share!!!!

Have a wonderful day and night everyone!!!!!

Nicola said...

wow Diana what a beautiful Bridal shower!!! The wedding is going to be amazing!!! Such fantastic photos and very yummy too! :0) I take photos of food sometimes hehehe I put one up on facebook the other night of these homemade chicken tikka pizzas I made that I was so proud of hehehe.

I really love the camera's I think my favourite one is the bottom one with the big swirl :0)

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who took pics of food1 I'm enamored with cold drinks and the way the moisture beads up on the outside of the glass!!! LOL! I'm really impressed with your Blackberry pics, Diana. When I don't have my camera, I grab my IPhone. Goes to show, it's your "eye" that's really important! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Jenny said...

oh my mouth is watering..that tower of profiteroles looks AMAZZZING :)Love your cameras too..they are such fun -must been hard for your client to choose which one she liked best :)
Sorry I never made it to your sweet saturday....never checked in till Sunday...but I now have a fine excuse to make get my chops around something sweet every saturday!(like I need an excuse!! haha!) XX

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