Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thinking of Renee....and a sign....I just got featured in this collection....

peaceandlove-dedicated to Renee
I have to say that I have been thinking a lot about a dear blogger friend that passed away....Renee always brightened my days with her wonderful humor and kindness...even though we never met....her friendship was so touching and special...that is the reason why I created this print when she was on her journey to heaven....

Even when our loved ones and friends are gone there are signs that show us they are still around....

Today I got a note from shop owner Ma Joie Press
Her Letterpress shop is wonderful!!!
She curated this special collection of Etsy finds that are all about raising awareness and helping this cause....

It would mean the world to me if you all headed there and clicked on all the items...and also commented ....it is a little thing that we all do...but together these little things can add up to help make a change....

Breast Cancer Treasury

What do you think this stuff will turn into?

wooden stuff

does an artist really ever take a vacation? not

Even Paris has some busy bees....

paris busy bees

I am officially ...unofficially offline for two weeks....I am getting some last minute stuff done...some organizing and most importantly just working on stuff for fun....no work for two weeks...just fun creating and some R&R....

Plus Cole heads to his first year of school in two weeks so I am getting in all the time I can with my little man....before he takes this big step!

So today I created this fun mixed media Eiffel Tower piece....I love Paris and I love bees...what can I say! It is a new print I am offering up in my Etsy shop....

We came up with our new favorite cupcake flavor ...chocolate mint!!! and they are AMAZING!!! We bake together and the Cole does the decorating!!! he is so meticulous!

August 28th 2010 055

August 28th 2010 063

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing like a cool Auntumnal evening to make you run home!!!


This week over at MMM the theme is cool it down...so I wanted to share one of my first ever published pieces....this is an old piece but I still love this cute little witch....she is a little scared as she walks by the cemetery as a cold breeze is upon her....I also love that I am seeing so much Halloween inspired art lately....so I thought this would be fun to share....

As an illustrator I love looking at some of my earlier work...you can see how much your style changes over time....and you can learn from the past....

Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Queen Bee gets featured....how sweet is that!


I got a note from shop owner....DigitalDoDads
She has some wonderful collage sheets that you can use for all kinds of fun projects...so pop the shop....and also check out her curated collection!

She curated this fun collection that is inspired by all the sweet honey things....It is titled...

EYE SPY ...Luscious Honey Dripping Everywhere

She was sweet enough to include my French Queen Bee~

pop by the Treasury and show us some love!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustration Friday - Immovable


You know you never mess with the Holidays...the dates are always the same....they don't move!

Like Halloween....it is always on October 31st!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The cat watercolour painting.....a custom commission for a special client...finished at paint night at the cottage!!!

paintings August 18th 2010 010 cat commission

You all know I love to work in various mediums....but I have to say that working on these custom commissions really is fun....I enjoy seeing what people want me to work on and I love creating something special that they will be able to keep in their families for years to come....

This is a special feline names "Lucky" a custom commission.....

I finished this project on a week away at our family cottage....we love to work on art projects. This past week away....I held a paint night with my whole family...it was so much fun to see that sparkle in my Dad's eye as he painted....and My Mom's smile as she watched and tried her own hand at some fun art.....and my niece loves to paint too...and you all know that Cole always paints and really enjoys it even more when we all paint together....

Cole enjoying the family paint fest!!!
August 20th 2010 038 copy

My Dad working on his painting...
August 20th 2010 026 copy

My Mom working on her paintings
August 20th 2010 028 copy

we also did some food crafts....and what could be better than some chocolate mint cupcakes!!!
August 20th 2010 057 copy

and the table view....what a fun night!!! I love our traditions!!!

August 20th 2010 048 copy

My Dad's finished pieces....gorgeous!!! Cole wants these in frames....so we can enjoy them for years to come.....

August 20th 2010 033 copy

August 20th 2010 043

Nothing better than days at the beach and nights painting with your family!!!

August 20th 2010 015 copy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even the Fembots like Zetti Land....


I just had to make these ladies into some Zetti Robots....they are very helpful and fun!!! They are my submission to Three Muses this week....them "World of Zetti"

Happy Wednesday!!!

P.S. If you want to pick up my latest book you can pop by my website and get a signed copy....

If you have a Pug you will love this cute tale of a sister and brother....

The Mexican Flag....Etsy Style....

Mexican Flag

Ladies in REdI just got a note from Shop Owner....Mexican Colors

Her shop is so much fun!! you have to take a trip to Mexican colors....and you also have to pop by her wonderful treasury....to show us some love!!!

She was sweet enough to feature my Print.....

Another Fall collection...

fall treasury2


I just got a note from shop owner "Oh for Cute" she has some fun craft supplies in her shop so be sure to pop by!

She curated this wonderful Autumnal inspired Treasury titled, "Leave Your Shoes by the Door, and Stay with me until SPRING" that is filled with wonderful warmth....you can click here to head to the Treasury and show us some love...or click on the photo above...

She featured my"Autumn Red" print in her collection....

My latest book is out!!! Mister and the Gray Whisker....

My latest Picture book....

I am so thrilled to say that my latest book is out...this project was so much fun!!!

Mister and the Gray Whisker is an amusing heartfelt escapade in sibling relations. Mae and Mister will lure you in with their whimsical and adorable Pug antics. When Mae discovers Mister's gray whisker, the silliness ensues. Their story blends humor with important life lessons.

You'll want to read this positive reaffirming story to your children and Pugs often. Mister and May, in 'Mister and the Gray Whisker' teach us all about the love shared even between a bossy sister and her little brother and accepting yourself. Sibling rivalry has never been so much fun!

I worked with Author Katrina Foraker on this wonderful story that reminds us all to accept ourselves. You will love this cute tale and I also hope you love the wonderful illustrations.

For a limited time you can get a signed copy of this book from my website...here
or you can head to your local bookstore....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall already...what a beautiful collection!!!

fall treasury

I just got a lovely note from shop owner Violas Boutique. She makes the cutest crochet appliques ever...you have to pop by her shop to check them out....

She curated this fun collection of Fall inspired pieces and was sweet enough to include my hoot the owl spool doll..I love these colours!!!

You can pop by the Treasury here and show us some love!!!

Mixed Media Monday - Seeing Red

Ladies in REd

I have been working so much lately that I am seeing red!!! these ladies are all red for Mixed Media Monday!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Odd Bods and sunday sketch!!!

halloween striped sock lady

She just seemed to fit the theme over at Sunday Postcard art perfectly!!! and this is also my submission to Sunday Sketches....

What an odd bod!!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

Wasaga 2-blog

The best atmosphere is at the beach...everyone is always happy and the sand and surf is so much fun!!!

This is a Custom Commission I completed for a client up at Wasaga Beach...a place I frequent myself.....

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Halloween Tags with my Jack-o-lantern illustrations...oh my!

August 20th 2010 141b copy

August 20th 2010 141 copy

August 20th 2010 143 copy

I was away for a mini trip and this is a quick project I made for Halloween...some super cool gift tags that are huge!!!

I made so many ....I added them to one of my shops!!!

It's all about the face!!!

face treasury

I was just away and got back to get this wonderful note from Marie...the shop owner at Art from my Heart by Marie Segal

She curated this fun collection of faces...and titled the collection "About Face"

You have to pop by her shop and this wonderful treasury to show us some love!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 5 minute sketch...an ice cream cart and my latest fabric design.....

ice cream cart

As you can see I have ice cream on the brain....this week I almost missed out on working on the Three Muses challenge...

I am swamped...I have so much work and so little time...so I took a 5 minute break to participate in the "Wheel" challenge...and the only thing I got down was this ice cream cart....I think it goes perfect with my latest fabric design.....

and I just love ice cream...so here is my submission!!!

ice cream fabric

Have a wonderful day / night!

Tomatoes! the best things in life are free.....

August 16th 2010 007

August 16th 2010 011

August 16th 2010 008

Today was all about family...just me and my two boys...we did some gardening...we trimmed some trees, we picked some lavender and tomatoes and we swam and enjoyed all of the wonder around us....we didn't have to go anywhere....we didn't have to spend a dime...it was priceless...and the greatest part of the whole day was our son looking at us this evening and saying....

"Mommy and Daddy, we had a really good day"

He always puts things into perspective.....bless his cute little heart!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mixed Media Monday and my August Dress up.....

August Dress

Oh what fun!!! I was working on my dress for August Dress up....and then I saw that the theme this week on Mixed Media Monday is "embellish it" so I thought my dress would be perfect!!!

I had so much fun with this month's dress...it is all dimensional and filled with fun embellishments!!!

Happy Monday!!!!

p.s. don't forget to enter my draw this week for a Jack the Jack-o-lantern stamp from my new fall line!!!

Mad for Mad Men!!!

Mad for Mad Men

I just got a lovely note from Shop owner Wee Sparrow.....about being included in this super fun Treasury titled....." Mad about Mad Men "

Pop by the Treasury and show us some love and don't forget to also pop by Wee Sparrow's amazing shop filled with some wonderful jewelry!!!

I especially love these cool pumpkin earrings!!!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Mushrooms


The theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art is Mushrooms...so I had to include a watercolour and a few photos of this huge shroom we found in our yard...Cole even wanted to take a seat on it when Brad said it was a Toad Stool!!! so cute!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

August 4th 2010 003

August 4th 2010 006

Friday, August 13, 2010

my kind of collection!!! Cupcakes!!!

cupcakes treasury

This week has been such an amazing week!!! I just got a note from Laura, the Shop Owner over at Black Orchid 2004...Her shop is amazing with the coolest original art...you have to pop by and check it out!!!

She curated this wonderful cupcake collection and was sweet enough to add one of my original paintings to the mix!!!So pop by and check out the Treasury and everyone's cupcake art and show us some love!!

Faces in the Flowers!!! what a cool collection ...doesn't this just make you smile!

Faces in the flowers

oh what a wonderful day!!! I just got a note from shop owner Sheryl Humphrey...Her shop is filled with wonderful original art...you have to pop by and check out her shop!

She curated this fun collection and was sweet enough to include my vintage flower stickers!!! how sweet of her....

The name of the Treasury is Faces in the Flowers and you can pop by and show us some love!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Illustration Friday - Star Gazing


Guess who?

Fall already?

leaf tones treasury

oh what a wonderful Friday....I just got a note from Shop Owner Look on my Treasures

She curated this fun collection titled "Leaf Tones and White Squirrel
and was sweet enough to include one of my paintings...the martini with two olives...

So pop by and show us some love!!!

and don't forget to enter my Stamp
Giveaway here

Yours to Discover!!!

ontario treasury

I just got a convo from shop owner Paula over at....CRITTERS and MORE ~ Canadian Handmade Jewelry and Crafts

This wonderful curated collection is called  
ONTARIO - Yours to Discover!
it features the work of artists from Ontario Canada....and I was so thrilled to be added to the mix!!! She features my one of a kind spool dolls!!! how sweet is that!!! 

Pop by and show us some love!!!!  

and don't forget to join in my GIVEAWAY!!! just click here to see the post....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! Is it too early for some spookery? well there is always time for a giveaway!!!

cat in the jack cat in the jack 2 jackie and jack

jackie and jack 2 halloween treats 2 halloween treats

batty batty2

pack 2


The New Halloween Stamp line released and also available at my Stamped Etsy Shop!!!

I am so into Halloween inspired art lately!!!

I will do a draw next Friday for one of my Jack the Jack-o-lantern stamps...all you have to do is say hello and leave a comment!!!   

The Winner is....
Carolyn from Draffin Bears!!!

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