Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Personal Symbol

Diana Evans - Illustration & Design

This week over at MMM the theme is Personal Symbol....and I just had to add my Sun and Moon...this piece is in my logo and all over my business...why? you is the first piece I did that started my whole career change....and every time I see this piece it reminds me of my journey to doing work I love ....I also titled this piece...opposites attract......deeper symbolism for me...

When I started my Illustration and Design company....I had no idea how wonderful it would be to do something that I love and how perfect it is to feed my heart and soul daily ...

so here it personal symbol.....perfect for this week's theme....

it also reminds me daily that dreams do come just have to believe....and everyone needs some sunshine once and a while...and I like mine daily.....

From Sunday Sketches to Sunday Postcard....insects...a few of my favorites....the butterflies

sunday sketches


What a perfect time to sketch some insects....this week over at Sunday Postcard Art the theme is insects and I had to create a piece with one of my favorite insects...the butterfly....I love these for two reasons...they represent transformation and beauty.....

So here are my Sunday Sketches that turned into my Sunday Postcard...

Happy Sunday!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My favorite kind of collection....cupcakes!!!

cupcake treasury

I just got a note from EllaScottJewels

She curated this wonderful collection over at Etsy....she titled it...

pretty please....with a cherry on top

so pop on over and show us some love....

Happy Saturday!!!

and speaking of cupcakes....I just got home from my friend Mary's shower and these are the cupcakes I made....they were a huge hit....

cupcakes 002

Friday, May 28, 2010

Illustration Friday - Slither

As soon as I saw the prompt I thought...oh no....snakes!!! I had to make something that is fun and cheery ....and who doesn't love a nice pair of shoes!!! snakeskin and here is my piece for "slither" this week....

Happy Friday!!! and thanks for popping in!

Summer time fun - sunshine and happiness.....

summer treasury

I just got a note from the owner over at TheIDconnection about being featured in the fun and colourful Etsy treasury called

It's Getting Hot in Here!

So pop by and check it out and show us some love!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Play Date Cafe 31 and Theme Thursday - Beauty


This week is really flying Thursday already...this week over at Play Date Cafe the colours are so Springlike and I took these dresses for Theme Thursday's challenge..."beauty" and used the fun colours from Play Date Cafe to colour them....

you have to check out these fun challenge blogs...

Play Date Cafe

Theme Thursday

I always like to take a break from my picture books to do some fun challenges...and now I am addicted to the Play Date cafe with the cool pallets they provide....and you know I have always been a fan of Theme Thursdays too!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Muses celebrate 1 year!!!


Boy you know time sure flies when you're having fun and it has been a great year over at the Three Muses Challenge blog....Happy Blogoversary everyone!!!

So the theme is pretty open and fun with the word I thought I would make a card....thanking all of you for popping by....your visits always make me smile and I love the thank you all for being so wonderful!!! and I hope more of you join in the fun weekly challenge!!! Everything is sweeter with great company!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Bunny cute!!

bunny treasury

Hi Everyone...I just got a note from Jenny Hoople over at Etsy and she has curated this super cute collection of bunnies in her Treasury called....

Bunnies: They're not just for Easter anymore.

She was sweet enough to add my vintage cupcake toppers to this collection....thank you!!!

So pop by the Treasury and show us some love!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Marie Antoinette


Today we celebrate Victoria Day here in Canada...and what a fitting work with a Queen....This is my submission to MMM this week...theme "Marie Antoinette"

Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday Sketches and Sunday Postcard Art - There's no business like Show Business

show business -blog

I have always loved the old Hollywood starlets....the glamor and sophistication still makes me smile whenever I catch one of their movies....

So who do you think these ladies are? name them for fun from left to right!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! Here is my IF piece this week for "Early"

early birds

Wow...another week has come and gone...where does the time go....I am happy to report that my latest book project is well on it's way! hurray...

Time Management is important no matter what Business you're in...I found some great links to Time Management tips and here is one of the sites....

and everyone knows that the early bird gets the worm this week for IF I am submitting these early birds....

I need to be more of an early bird too...

Happy Friday!!! and Happy Long Weekend!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Play Date Cafe - PDCC 30 - How about some Hollywood Glam

PDCC30 -hollywood glam

Oh I am hooked on this fun challenge over at The Play Date Cafe...Every week they give you a color pallet as inspired by the Designer of the week...and you get to create anything your heart desires with the color pallet...what fun....

Here is my piece for this week....a quick illustration with the inspired color pallet....this was so much fun!

Happy Creating!!!

Two features in this cool Paris Inspired Treasury.....

Paris Treasury

The lovely Maddies Minis curated this amazing Eiffel Tower filled Treasury and featured two sets of my cool sweet is that!!!

Thank you Maddies Minis...and what a fun shop she has...all miniature cool pieces...I think I am in love with everything miniature...

Please also pop by and leave a comment if you love this treasury!!! 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Muses Challenge - Relationships


When I saw the theme over at the Three Muses for this week....I immediately thought about the relationship between a Mother and her child...there is so much to see all over again and seeing it through a child's new fresh eyes is magic....

it also reminds me to be grateful each and every day....

So here is a piece ...I call it "The discovery" a Mom and her son find a patch of sunflowers and they enjoy the sights and scenery together....making a memory that will last forever....

Happy Creating!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The owl - for The Play Date Cafe

challenge owl2

I just found this really cool place called the Play Date Cafe....they give you some cool colour pallet each week and you use those in your I re-did the wise old owl from today's earlier post and used the colours they picked this week...what fun....

Head over and check out this fun blog and challenge....

The Play Date Cafe

a wise old owl....

owl 001

A wise old owl told me to get more into fabric design so that is precisely what I will be focusing on this is so much fun to work on surface designs and once you see them on fabric they look so neat...something different from paper and print ads...but a nice thing to add to any portfolio.

As a full time illustrator, author and designer I find it important to create all kinds of avenues for my business and with the technology that is available today you can create art for any surface.

Happy Creating!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered...some "child's play" for MMM and a great weekend totally disconnected....

What a fitting theme over at MMM this week..."Child's Play" ....

The weekend was just what I needed...some time to get refreshed...spend quality time with family and friends at the cottage...and create....This weekend was all about child's play and we celebrated my Mom's Birthday away was perfect....

Here is an illustration for MMM this week and some fun photos from my fabulous weekend up North!!!

childs play

My Mom and Cole...and the homemade cake I baked especially for her Birthday party....
may 16th 2010 042

may 16th 2010 084

may 16th 2010 078

may 16th 2010 128 copy

may 16th 2010 023

may 16th 2010 143

Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Week....and a party to plan...Oar Cottage Commission complete - my submission to IF this week...., new Book Project, and my Mom's Party planning ...

The theme on IF this week is "Equipment" and I had to submit these cottage oars I just finished...this is vital equipment in any boat.....Happy Friday !!!

oar commission 2

oar commission

Blog book ad for marketing

Mom's Birthday 2

Wow...a busy busy week...but this weekend will be filled with family and fun...with my Mom's Birthday surprise....I am thinking her party will be Paris know me and

I also wanted to end the week with a few of my fun updates for you....that cottage commission I mentioned earlier on is complete....the two oars will be heading to their new home today....I love wood and pyrography projects.....

and some more exciting news ....I am working on a new book with author Katrina Foraker...if you love cute little pugs...then this will be a perfect book for any age....

Well I will be off-line for a few days to take a breather and celebrate my Mom's I will catch up with you all when I've eaten enough cake and enjoyed some wonderful laughs with my amazing family and friends....

Hugs and Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Miniature watercolour gets featured!

marie treasury

Oh what a wonderful collection of Marie inspired art....I was so happy to get a note from RenataandJonathan about being in this cool collection!! thank you and please head over and leave us some love!!!


Theme Thursday - Butterflies

fly away

I created this special Butterfly lady with a nod to all the wonderful seasons we experience...they are all special to me in some way....I used this as a promo one year and I still love this butterfly!!! The theme for Theme Thursday is "Butterflies" so I thought I would bring her back to life in this design.....

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Muses Challenge - Legs


When I was young I took ballet lessons and I really loved this amazing Dad on the other hand ....he didn't like the

It was fun while it lasted...

This week over at Three Muses the challenge is legs and these dancers have so much grace and their legs are to die for!!!

I need to get some great legs!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some fun photos from our Annual Mother's Day at the Royal Botanical Gardens

I took hundreds of shots...but here are a few to inspire you....

Mother's day2

May 7 2010 186 copy
Just wanted to share some of the amazing photos I took from our stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens...Cole and I have this as our special Mother's Day tradition...and this year we took my Mom...she loved it!!!

Here is Cole...he loves flowers....

May 7 2010 078 copy

May 7 2010 182 copy

May 7 2010 215 copy

May 7 2010 098 copy

May 7 2010 081 copy

May 7 2010 091 copy
My Mom and Cole....taking in all the cool scenery
May 7 2010 093 copy
I used this piece to make Mom's card this year....
May 7 2010 106 copy

Mother's day

May 7 2010 120 copy

May 7 2010 124 copy

May 7 2010 199

May 7 2010 130 copy

May 7 2010 145 copy

May 7 2010 218 copy

May 7 2010 238 copy

May 7 2010 207

May 7 2010 223
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