Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Highlights from Halloween 2010

October 31th 2010 008 copy

October 31th 2010 022 copy

October 31th 2010 014 copy

October 31th 2010 013 copy

October 31th 2010 023 copy

October 31th 2010 064 copy

October 31th 2010 047 copy

October 31th 2010 015 copy

October 31th 2010 040 copy

October 31th 2010 024 copy

October 31th 2010 012 copy

October 31th 2010 023 copy

October 31th 2010 060 copy

October 31th 2010 049 copy

October 31th 2010 066 copy

What a fun night!!!! this Halloween was so much fun....we always head to my parents survey for Halloween...everyone always goes way out and it was so much fun to see Cole enjoy all the cool decorations...and his fun and spooky costume this year!!!!

Now for some bed and rest....more candies to eat in the morning!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween...some sweets for all of you!!!

October 31th 2010 005

I had a dinner party lastnight and in true Halloween Spirit I quickly altered my triple chocolate cheesecake into something a little spooky and fun...

I made some homemade chocolate ganache with cream and chocolate and poured it over each slice...then added one of these super fun Skulls made out of white chocolate...

It was so much fun!!!

I guess anything can be transformed into some Halloween fun!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

and if you're a Food Network addict like can try these fun treats.....

These cool Halloween Mice would have been fun can find the recipe here over at Food network

 or perhaps you feel like a few broken fingers can head here to make a batch of these spooky treats....Food Network Canada

Friday, October 29, 2010

Illustration Friday....Spent

cards for halloween

These three Trick or Treaters spent the whole night walking and trick or treating....they will be spent when they get home...but their energy will miraculously come back after some treats from their sugar filled bags!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who is watching over your kitchen?

Saint of Kitchens San Pascual 007

1I was so thrilled when a special client contacted me about working on a custom commissioned wood and pyrography piece....She wanted the Patron Saint of Kitchens to watch over her and her I was thrilled to research this Saint....

His name is San Pascual ......San Pascual - is the patron Saint of  of cooks, especially New Mexican cooking, the kitchen and domestic animals ( and finding lost animals).

He was a Franciscan who happily worked in the kitchen.

Here is my rough sketch that turned into the final wood canvas....I think I need one in my kitchen too.....

I always love when people contact me to create something unique for them....

Saint of Kitchens San Pascual 006

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Halloween about making some fun stickers!!! free downloads for you to use...

Halloween Stickers

Hi Everyone....we are like busy bees around the Studio....getting some fun gifts ready for Cole's we have our fun handmade stickers...I designed these fun pieces with some of my Halloween inspired illustrations.....You can download your set of my stickers enjoy creating!!!!

Cole's gift tags 010

I then printed them on special Matte Heavyweight waterproof papers....and used my wonderful craft punch that is 2.5 inches in diameter to knock these babies out....

Cole's gift tags 013
Then I used another one of my most favorite tools ever....the Xyron 2.5 inch sticker maker....what a neat tool this is.....I craft all kinds of stickers with this machine....I use the permanent Adhesive for these projects and they make the coolest stickers ....don't you think!!!

Cole's gift tags 016

and now the stickers went into these fun gift bags that will be heading to Cole's class Friday....the children will have some fun Halloween festivities in school and I hope they love my stickers and handmade goodies....

Cole's gift tags 019

My kind of Collection......

Ei Ffel for this treasury


I got a note from shop owner  Teroldego and Tomatoes ....a wonderful place for Hand Crafted Paper goods

She curated this really wonderful collection that is all inspired by one of my favorite cities...Paris...and titled it

"Ei Ffel for this Treasury".....

and was sweet enough to include one of my original watercolours .....

So pop by her shop and see what she has and pop by this fun Treasury and show us some love!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Print your own fun Halloween Labels for the munchkins....more freebies....

halloween gift tags

I am working on some fun goodies for Cole's class and thought I would share these with all of you....I just made some fun labels for goodie bags....

Cole's gift tags 006

You can head over here and get your own PDF file to print for your little ones...or your big ones...or for your party.....

Cole's gift tags 002

I printed mine and then used some fun glitter to jazz them up a bit....I am addicted to Stickles and love the way they add some pop to any project....I am addicted to the Crystal and Diamond ones as they don't change the colour of your project....just enhance it....but who am I kidding....I have almost all of the colours too!!!

Cole's gift tags 003
more fun Halloween free stuff coming tomorrow!!! so stand by!!!

Happy Creating!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is it the eyes or the lips....or both?

For me it's both!!!! 

24 005

24 015

I love lipstick....and lip gloss and anything that has to do with make up....I know...silly silly silly....My nickname has been lips for many years....all because I love my red lipsticks...
Do you like to do your eyes only....or your lips or both?
I never leave the house without my lips on.....I just feel more polished with it....
I love the Lipsticks by MAC...they last a long time and the colours stay true....not to mention they smell like vanilla.....and have no taste...that is a big thing for me....making sure lipsticks have no weird scents or flavors.....
I love my reds....and I love my pinks....and I love my corals...what is your favorite lip colour?

I also made some fun freebies for you can use these for cupcake toppers....or on packages or collages....some lips for everyone!!!! you can head here to download your lips.....

Even our sock Monkey loves these lips!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Illustration Friday - "Racing" to the finish line....

finish line

Some weeks I feel like I am the turtle and I need more time to get all of my work done....the goal is to strive and be the bunny and finish the race first!!! but then again...imagine all the things that quick bunny may have missed along the way...

Happy Friday everyone...

who are you...the rabbit or the turtle...?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you drink coffee at your coffee table?

paris table

A while back Deborah asked me to do a tour of our to start I wanted to show you some of my first furniture pieces....we bought this coffee table about 12 years ago and it is still one of my favorite pieces...

wood 034
I have a penchant for cherry wood and as you walk through our home sweet home you will see that many of my pieces are cherry wood....and to me they are all like art....I have a thing for a great end table....I know it sounds strange.......but they are all a bit different and each one special in it's own way...and when you much as I love to can never have enough end tables!!! My Mom and Dad gave us some of these for gifts too....

I also love white leather...I guess I have a very unique sense of taste....but design is all about what makes you happy....I also have a weak spot for wood and metal sculptures....

wood 043

wood 039

wood 046

I am also excited to say that I have recently been approached by to do product reviews for them. I’m pretty excited about it because I really love their stuff....there is so much to see and check out.....they have over 200 on-line sites filled to the brim with good things....…I can’t wait to start reviewing products for the house and sharing them with you!! and who knows maybe I will also have some giveaways along the way so you can purchase something keep your eyes peeled!

wood 044

Love will keep us together....and one Cardinal rule....

love will keep us together

I have been working on a more bird pieces....this one is titled "love will keep us together"

It will be sad when all the birds leave for the winter....but there are some that will stick around and look amazing against the white snow here .... like the beautiful Cardinals that will feed in our backyard and be like bright red lights against the new fallen snow....


The first piece is a mixed media piece...and the Cardinal is one of my ink and watercolour pieces....

I am submitting these to Three Muses this week....theme...things with wings...

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing like the scent of wood burning....I think this is why I love working with this medium....

think sweet thoughts4

think sweet thoughts2
I haven't used my pyrography tools in ages...but this weekend I did take them out and enjoy an afternoon of burning some new wooden canvas pieces....I created this new series using my signature colours....

The first is titled...."time for a latte"
the second is titled...."think sweet thoughts"
and the last one is titled...."time for a cupcake"

I did some photo shoots with the pieces was fun to create them....

wood 028

think sweet thoughts5

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