Friday, July 30, 2010

I just love gardening!!!! Come visit the garden with us!!!

Garden 2010 - from start to harvest

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 130 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 119 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 094 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 097 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 100 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 115 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 114 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 111 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 103 copy

Copy (2) of July 29th 2010 104 copy

garden 2009 001 copy

My Photos 010 copy

What a wonderful year for gardening!!! I have two amazing helpers in my gardens and we all have so much fun working and enjoying the fruits of our labor!!!!

Have an amazing long weekend everyone!!!


Illustration Friday - Artificial

20 copy

Emilia never liked anything artificial...she always picked the healthiest snacks and enjoyed everything naturally sweet. At the party she picked up all the yummy fruits and passed on the artificial coloured foods like donuts and candies....Her Mom was so proud! My submission to IF this week...theme "artificial"

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Theme Thursday ....words....

bmaid2 copy

I picked three words....Fashion....Dress and Paris....and this is what I came up with....

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I just love all things Alice....

Untitled-2 copy

I just got a note from Shop owner Kerri over at Vintage4Vintage about being in this wonderful Treasury as inspired by Alice in Wonderland....

She titled it...
Alice in Etsy Wonderland

pop by and say hello and show us some love!!!

what a day!!! I just love these collections....

Untitled-2 copy

I just got a note from two wonderful shop owners about being featured in their Treasuries....The first treasury was curated by Quinn Corrinne and is all about Paris...She featured my Paper Eiffel Towers and my Mixed Media Mini sweet of her...

Untitled-3 copy

The second Treasury was curated by Inessa and it is all about the love of coffee....I love this collection...she featured one of my art pendants.

What a wonderful day!!!

Happy Shopping...and pop by the treasuries by clicking each photo above and show us some love!!!

She was an odd bird...but the people still loved her....

odd bird copy

Everything about her was different....she looked different...she acted different....but the whole town made her feel like she was normal...even the Prince dated her to show the town she was just like any other girl.....and not at all an off bird like they first thought....

My submission to Three Muses this week...theme "odd bird"

Happy Wednesday!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A dress every month...what a fun project...and so many yummy things .....

Untitled-1 copy

I was visiting Nan over at Nan's Niche and found out about this fun challenge on a site called Alice and Camilla.....there is an ongoing monthly Dress Up challenge and the dresses are all so wonderful. I am late to the party this year....but I know I will catch up...because these mini projects are so much fun to do....

I create a watercolour and ink painted dress for this challenge!!!

I think one of these watercolour dresses would look super cute in a nice frame I think I will be making more of these.....

I also am so happy with my gardens this year....what a perfect summer....Lots of fun and the work is always worth it ....

my garden 018 copy

July 9th 2010 055 copy

garden 2009 033 copy

Cole's Pics 079 copy

and I just had to share the fun dinner I made lastnight....a homemade bacon, onion, three cheese and green olive pizza....and then we swam more and enjoyed some chocolate lattes with a fun dessert I will have to share with you all...

a few of my favorite things 002 copy

a few of my favorite things 007 copy

a few of my favorite things 004 copy

a few of my favorite things 010 copy

I love summer and all the local great food that we can grow and shop for!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things.....some quick Sunday sketches turned into this....

my favorite things 2 copy

I was so excited when I read the theme this week over at Mixed Media Monday....A few of my favorite things....I first started to sing that song from "The Sound of Music" and then I sat down and just did some fun sketches of some of my favorite things...

so here is my list....

First and favorite thing in the world is being a is one of the greatest gifts in the world and I feel so blessed and grateful to be a Mom....

My art and my published picture books are also some of my favorite things...the fact that I can use my God given talents to create art each and every day makes my soul happy and I love that my books and art will be here long after I am gone...I want to leave a foot print in the world...and my art allows that....

I have some more favorite things....

Bees and Bee keepers...
Gardening and enjoying the fruits of our labor...
Baking and cupcakes...
everything about Paris...
Fashion and shoes...
and writing books and blogs....

now these are just a few of my favorite things....

what are some of yours?

Happy Monday!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Owl

Untitled-1 copy

I love owls....I used one of my original stamp designs for this postcard...all of my original stamps can be found in my Stamp shop called Stamped.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Illustration Friday - Double and look what came in the mail!!!


Hi is a piece I changed around a bit for IF...this is a cute little Pug character in my latest book with Katrina Foraker....Mister and the Gray Whisker. Here she is asking for double the ice any sweet little Pug would....

It will be out within the next few months and we are so thrilled with the way it turned out!!!

Mister Cover - for blog and marketing
I just received the first two copies of this book and I am so excited!!! I will let you know once it is available in bookstores....

Here is my biggest fan enjoying this new book for his collection....
July 23 2010 079 copy

and here are the special Pugs that Katrina loves so much and inspired her latest story...
back cover-blog

Happy Friday and may your weekend be super creative and fun!!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedded Bliss...what a collection .... My heart filled with wishes

wedding treasury

I just got an e-mail from shop owner Efi Warsh about this very sweet collection she titled
My heart filled with wishes

of Wedding inspired stuff over at Etsy...she was kind enough to include my custom watercolour paintings as part of sweet is that!!!

Pop by the Treasury and show us some love!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Theme Thursday - Vintage tags and a fun day with our niece....

I have been busy making some fun vintage and new gift tags...these are always a hit on special gifts and I love creating them....and as the theme is Vintage tags on Theme Thursday I thought I would share these with you....

some new designs and one of my favorite Paris inspired ones too...
July 15th - 18th2010 003 copy

Untitled-1 copy

Paris tags copy

July 21 2010 011 copy

I also spent the whole day with our wonderful niece...she swam all day...created some fun art with me and enjoyed some amazing food....

We painted some fun wall plaques....and you know one will have a cupcake!!

July 21 2010 001 copy

July 21 2010 003 copy

and here is my sweet Cole's painting... a little abstract and fun since he was in a rush to get back in the pool!!!

July 21 2010 013 copy

Swimming 2010 004 copy

I love days like this!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Muses Challenge - Mail about a Paris Postcard!!! and check out the cute things I found...

Paris Postcard

I used this digital stamp of this amazing fun Paris inspired dress....and created this postcard...I would love to send these and also would love to receive one...The theme over at Three Muses this week is Mail I am sending you all a virtual postcard from Paris!!!

I also wanted to share some of my fun shopping finds with you....these things just make me smile!!!

My new mini treat plates with a red!! adorable

Purchases 001 copy

My new honey dispenser for cute!!!

Purchases 011 copy

My new Thank you cards...cupcakes of course!!!

Purchases 013 copy

and my cupcake wrappers...I love these for a formal party....
Purchases 012 copy

Happy Wednesday!!! and thank you all for your always make my day with your comments and sweetness!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to the most amazing Husband!!!! I love you Brad

Brad Birthday 3

Brad Birthday 2

Brad Birthday

I am wishing my sweet Husband Brad a wonderful Birthday filled with happiness and all the things that make him happy!!! He is such a supportive and wonderful man and I am ever so grateful to have married to my soulmate and my best friend in the world....

Happy Birthday!!!

We love you!!!
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