Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For us here in Canada .....it's all about the Cottage......

cottage art commission

I love everything about cottages...they are places we go to and they seem a world away from all the business of everyday life...When I write my picture books I usually spend one week at our cottage north to finish all the rough sketches for the book.....there is nothing there...no phones...except my blackberry...which I need for work....and no other distractions...I love that you can keep your windows open at night and the sweet scent of pines and clean air flow over you as you sleep.....not to mention that the best sleep you will every get will most likely be at the cottage....the bon fires, the food and treats...the water....that is what cottage life is all about....and I love it....This year I have a new book I wrote at my parents place by the beach....and will finish at my husbands place in the North on a lake....stay tuned to hear more about my latest picture book.....

and now for some work.....

A client of mine sent me this wonderful watercolour commission....this cottage will be owned by someone special and as a gift he has commissioned me to create this memento for them......

cottage art commission 1

Cottage art....what fun!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Messing around with some Sunday Sketches......


From sketch to colour to messing around....Happy Sunday Sketches Everyone.....

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! hope you are all having a great weekend...and to my Friends due south....Happy Memorial Day.....

A little quickie I did for Sunday Sketches....and then I messed around with the sketch for some added fun....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Saturdays week #009 .....come join in the fun!

Sweet Saturdays
Hi Everyone!!! and welcome to week # 009 of Sweet Saturdays.....

Friday night I went out with some friends to see the movie...Bridesmaids....and it was a laugh and a half....we all really enjoyed it.....and I love that the Maid of Honor was a baker....so sweet!

Anyways....I thought I would share my sweet art print design with you all this week....as I posted my Banana Bread recipe (from last week's Sweet Saturdays post) on my Facebook Fan Page....I came up with this fun quote....

just bake rainbow3

just bake etsy 6

So Happy Sweet Saturday....and be sure to share something sweet with all of us....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Paint Party Friday and Illustration Friday - Who doesn't love a sock monkey......I do!!!

sock monkey watercolour

I am working on some fun Watercolour Commissions this week...but took a little break to create for PPF this week...and my Client for this fun piece was my little son Cole...I asked him what he would like Mommy to paint when he went to bed and he was so sweet....he handed me his Sock Monkey Friend....Sparky ( whom he always has with him) and said Mommy take him and paint me a picture of him....so I did this and will show Cole over Breakfast before school today....I hope he loves this painting and I hope you all love it too....to see more amazing paintings pop by Paint Party Friday.....

Here is Cole with a fun mask I created....in Sock Monkey Spirit....

masks October13 009

and I just created this illustration this morning ....another piece inspired by Cole and his Sock Monkey Sparky for Illustration Friday this week....the theme is "Asleep" and I love watching him sleep all safe and sound....

sleeping with my sock monkey

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A wonderful long weekend and Creative Tuesdays.....

tree huggers

We just celebrated Victoria Day here in Canada so we had a nice long weekend....and where do Canadians go for long weekends....the cottage....this week we all went up to Wasaga Beach and also visited Collingwood....it was so much fun to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holiday weekend.....I also noticed that the theme on Creative Tuesdays this week is "Trees" and you all know just how much I love trees...so I created this piece for the challenge this week.....these two tree huggers just make me smile....

Happy Tuesday Everyone....and here are some photos from our amazing weekend.....

May 24th  2011 089

May 24th  2011 077

May 24th  2011 085

May 24th  2011 082

May 24th  2011 062

May 24th  2011 055

At Blue Mountain they have a new ride that is the first coaster that is on a mountain.....it will be open year round so you can even ride it in the snow!!!! how cool is that!!!
May 24th  2011 041

May 24th  2011 030

and food....a big  part of our family gatherings!!!! Thank you Mom and Dad for the great times this weekend!!!!
May 24th  2011 095

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Saturdays week #008 .....welcome everyone!!!!

Sweet Saturdays
Hi Everyone!!! and welcome to week # 008 of Sweet Saturdays.....wow....it seems like just yesterday this was a little idea that popped into my head....and today we are on week 8!

This week I thought I would create something sweet .....and bake something sweet...so I baked up a batch of my famous Banana Bread....and to create some art I made you all a special recipe card you can download and add to your recipe box......just click on the recipe below and you will be taken to a larger image of the piece.....then you can right click and save it.....

My Banana Bread

This is what this recipe will create ....
May 19th  2011 018

May 19th  2011 020

May 19th  2011 026

I like my slice with some becel and fresh strawberries....yummy!!!

Wishing you all a very Sweet Weekend!!!

So be sure to post something sweet and share your link with us here!!!!

and please help spread the sweetness!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Paint Party Friday......and Illustration Friday - soaked

backyard fun2

We have had rain here for days now...and I thought I would look at the bright side of things and be thankful that I don't have to water anything....so I was sitting in the Studio thinking of something to create and this sweet watering girl popped into my head....so this is my piece for PPF today.....and I just looked at the prompt for IF this week and it is "soaked" so I must have psychic powers.....lol
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

You can find these fun prints added to my Etsy Shop......
Happy Creating!!!! and for another fun challenge join us here every Saturday for "Sweet Saturdays" where you can share something sweet on your blog and add a link here.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just made a little montage as a tribute to my favorite little insect....the Honey Bee


I love Honey Bees....as many of you already know....they make our gardens happy and create sweet treats to share with us....with all kinds of healing properties...I use bees in my work a lot and wanted to share a little Bee inspired Montage with you to pay tribute to my little friends that are buzzing about today....we have had rain for days now so the little bit of sun that popped out this morning made me think about my cute little friends and all the work they will be doing in all of our gardens this summer!!!

Here's to the busy bees out there!!!!

bee lieve 3

busy bee from Paris 007

April 2st 2011 024

I think I will work on some more bees in the Studio today....so Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Design warm up......Daisies anyone?

daisy coloured piece start

daisy coloured piece

Hi Everyone....today I took some time this morning to do a quick little fun warm up....using my process....so I used a few simple pieces and came up with these daisies....I love daisies...they have a fun look and always make people smile...plus it always reminds me of the flowers I used to pick for my Mom....I think it is important to just do something fun before you start any work.....

so today I bring you all a special little virtual bouquet of daisies....wishing you all a wonderful day filled with inspiration....now off to the Studio for some work!!!

Happy Creating!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What a blast this event was......and today is my Mom's Birthday...so more celebrating!!!


Hi Everyone....I am sorry that I haven't popped by to visit you all yet....I had some computer issues yet again and thankfully everything is finally working........

I have been out and about getting new projects and finishing some old ones...and also trying to spare some time for my little man so he can enjoy some fun.....so this weekend we attended the Grand Opening of a new CIBC Branch and they threw one amazing Grand Opening party....from Pony rides, to Bbq'd treats to cupcakes, clowns and more clowns to ice cream trucks and cotton candy...it was so much fun and Cole even fed the horses a few baby carrots he brought especially for them....it was a blast....thank you CIBC!!!

May 140th  2011 002

May 140th  2011 113b

May 140th  2011 055

May 140th  2011 097

May 140th  2011 108

May 140th  2011 082

May 140th  2011 039

May 140th  2011 113

May 140th  2011 104

I was very inspired by this fun event and I can see a lot of fun art inspired from this fun afternoon!!!!

and today is my Mom's Birthday so we will be celebrating again tonight!!!


Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Saturdays week #007 and Sunday Sketch....

Sweet Saturdays

May 10th  2011 055

May 10th  2011 054

May 10th  2011 059

Oh this past week was amazing....the weather was warm and sunny and there is were so many things to see and enjoy and get inspired by....so we are spending most of our days outdoors...looking at amazing gardens and working on our own garden too....

Blogger had some hick ups and so did our home computer....but we seem to be ok now.....sorry for the late post for Sweet Saturdays.....

This plant is so beautiful.....Cole says that the flowers are upside down....so we had to take a photo from the ground up!!!! The botanical name of this amazing plant is

Fritillaria imperialis or you can also call it.... Crown imperial or Kaiser's Crown......
I also thought I would include some photos of my sweet little guy...for Sweet Saturdays......to me he is as sweet as things can get!!!

May 10th  2011 131

May 10th  2011 093

May 10th  2011 070
and my Sunday Sketch inspired by the Fritillaria imperialis.....

Happy Weekend Everyone....and don't forget to show us your sweet art piece, your sweet illustration, your sweet recipe or photo....anything sweet!!!

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