Monday, August 31, 2009

Me to a T - Mixed Media Monday "Stitches"

Hi Everyone...As an artist and illustrator I am known for my "stitches"....Every piece of my work is made with my signature stitches and I can't stop creating with these line details...

I created a mixed media piece with one of my Victorian Ladies....for MMM this week...the theme fits my style to a T!!!

I also added these special brooches I make with printed fabric of my art...there are real stitches in these pieces....

Happy Monday!!!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Illustration Friday - "Magnify" these babies

Hi Everyone...This week's theme is fun...I created some miniature watercolour and ink pieces and then placed them on these very cool papers....I need to magnify these so you can have a better look....I really love miniature art.....
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Theme Thursday - Quote

HI Everyone....I created this quick little piece for theme Thursday this week....the theme is "Quotes or Sayings" and I wanted to use my little birdies....
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesdays in Paris....some sweet treats for you!


Oh to be in Paris...Whenever I need a little inspiration I take a magical journey to Paris in my mind...through food and art and always makes me smile...
Today I create this yummy Pierre Hermé inspired Macaroon ....may you enjoy a sweet Wednesday!
P.S. At Daily Art Stop we will be featuring some French Macaroon Recipes and trying them out each pop by and get your baking supplies out!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Cupcake Painting - Original Pink Butter Cream

Hi Everyone....I just took a break from courses and made a little 5in x 5in gallery wrapped painting....I am almost finished the entire book design for my latest picture book and will be working on the cover in between my courses this week....Since the theme on IMT is "Cupcake" I thought I would share this zero calorie treat with you all.... if you want to pick it up for a gift for you or someone can pop by my shop!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Mixed Media Monday and some weekend updates....

Hi Everyone!!! I am back from taking a break this weekend...we called it our Thanksgiving in August Weekend...we had both our families up at our cottage in Huntsville and we had a wonderful time filled with great company, great weather , great sports, and great food.....The piece above is my submission this week to Mixed Media Monday...the theme is Together and this weekend was all about "Together" ......The illustration is a rough from my latest book that will be coming out soon!!! It is written and illustrated by me!!! and I can't wait till you all see it and read it....I hope you will love it !!!
Here is Minnie....she loves to run up and down and dive off the dock!!! she is a riot .....

here are some of our tomatoes...picked and ready for eating!!! with some of my yummy herbs too....and below I sliced some so you can see them....these are my favorite .....tomatoe and mayonnaise sandwiches...oh yummm I think I will have one !!!

and I just had to show you more of my cauliflowers from this season...they are monsters!!! we love them.....I had to buy one to show you all the difference in size....I always prefer my home grown organic goodies!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Inspire me Thursday and Illustration Friday all mixed up!

Hi Everyone....This week's theme on IF is Caution....and the theme on Inspire Me Thursday is "Cupcakes" and you know I love everything about I made a piece for IF and IMT and also added my Original Cupcake dolls called "Sweet Cuppies"

I designed these original Cupcake dolls...right down to the design of the fabric.......these are handmade cutie pies...or shall I say "Sweet Cuppies"
I have a whole line in my Etsy Shop!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend....I am taking it easy after all my courses and learning this week.....



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Call me a kid at heart...but my latest inspiration is all about Paris and Sweets...and so you see these toys just make me happy!!!

Hi Everyone!!! I am having a blast with all of my courses...but had to take a moment to share my special gifts in the mail...well gifts to myself that is....I love sweet treats....and I love Paris ....and most recently a fellow illustrator...Jannie Ho introduced me to Re-ment miniatures...well I though they were cute before but when you get them it is like opening up the cutest little gifts....These are my latest inspiration to create and be happy each day...I have a total of 13 boxes of these treats and plan on taking my time opening and enjoying them....The first picture is from the Pierre Hermé collection...holy smokes...these are so cute and so fun and so small!!! I really have a love for miniature things....
I will take more photos as I open these cute little gifts ...I just LOVE them!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm a busy bee but you know there is always a little time for art each day!!!

Hi Everyone....I am so enjoying learning this week....but you know I always find some time on breaks to work on new pieces....this is my latest piece titled "Motherhood Transforms us" and I created it as a special memento .......When we become Mothers we transform ourselves into these amazing beings that have hearts that grow and grow...this piece is all about Motherhood and the love we have for our children....our grandchildren...our nieces and nephews and everyone we hold dear in our hearts that has transformed us.....
I added it to my Etsy shop and hope you all enjoy it!!!

I am a busy bee this week!!!

Hi Everyone....thank you so much for all your wonderful visits!!! I so love to hear from you and also enjoy popping by...I will try to pop by and say hello and post each day...but this week I am in taking several courses so I will be a very busy bee!!! I am so excited to learn to use more and more technology in my day to day work in Illustration and wish me luck and say hello!!! I will pop by when I get a break in between my sessions....

I am also hoping that my Bee Charity work keeps growing and please stop by and tell your friends about it too.....

Hugs and Happy Tuesday!!!

and I just popped by my friend Annette's blog and heard this song...and had to add it just made me smile...check it out!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Victorian Wall Plaques....

Hi Everyone....I just finished my latest project...I used my Victorian Art to create these wall plaques...they are made with dimensional paint for texture and highlighted with metalic liquid acrylics....I had a lot of fun with these ladies....I just listed them in my Etsy Shop!!! The theme this week for MMM is "Stars" and I think all of the lovely ladies shine like stars...I loved this era where women would always be decked out and beautifully adorned......

Victorian Art Plaque - Savannah
Victorian Art Plaque - Antoinette

Friday, August 14, 2009

Illustration Friday - "wrapped"

Hi Everyone....When I heard the prompt today I immediately saw a big bowl of wonderfully wrapped candies and this is what I created for today....I hope you enjoy it and share in a sweet day!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!



Thursday, August 13, 2009

To me ...Food is art....yumm!!!

Hi Everyone....I am no expert in the best Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches....but I have to say that this sandwich I created is how I imagine it to taste.....I took the most amazing bread to make these huge monster sandwiches....

I grilled a thin Sirloin steak over the flame for added flavour....then sauteed onions and peppers....once the meat rested I sliced it really thin and added it to the cheese on the top and bottom and in the middle of the bun and then the meat and onion/pepper mixture in between ...placed it on my wonderful "FREE" grill from Dempsters Bread Company.....and voila ....this thing was so delish....I just had to share it!!!
Have a yummy Thursday ...more art to come..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Award for all of you!

Hi Everyone....I am so blessed to enjoy the company of all of you...thank you for always popping by and sharing in your work and your lives...It is so much fun to visit you all and I have created a special award...I call it the Blog Break Award 2009 - Entertaining Blog Award....and I want it to go to all of you....your blogs are always so much fun to visit ....I have my morning coffee with all of you and am inspired by thank you for being you and for popping by....I hope you enjoy this award....and share it with your wonderful blog friends....
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday stroll in latest watercolour & Created by Hand - Favorite Background

Hi Everyone....I am no expert in all things English...but thought that this piece was fun with the scenery and the double decker bus....I always think of the double decker bus when I think of England....then there is the English fare like Bangers and Mash....Do you have some favorite memories of England? let me know what they are and I will try to create some new pieces all about England......

This is my latest watercolour and it is available in my Shop....

I also noticed that this week on the "Created by Hand Challenge Blog" the theme is Favorite Backgrounds...and I have to say that I really love the way watercolour backgrounds look...the way the colours change and come together....anyway this is a background I just finished and will have to use in some of my work....hope you enjoy it!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Last minute mini-vacation...some inspiration from the vacation...illustration Friday &mixed media monday and some cute animals I met this weekend....

Hi Everyone....we are back from a mini-vacation at our family cottage in Huntsville.....I am submitting this surface design sample to IF & Mixed Media Monday this week for IF the theme is Impatience and I eat my ice cream very patience to take it slow and I hate melted ice cream.....and for MMM the theme is Green & Blue and that is why I chose these colours for this piece.......I always draw even when I am on vacation and this weekend I was inspired by our traditional stop at the Kawartha Dairy in Huntsville...They have the best ice cream we have ever eaten and it is our family tradition to get a cone when we come to town and also on the way home...this is my cone on the way up to the cottage....chocolate peanut butter with creme brulee in the was one of the best combos I have ever tried...very tasty!!! I also wanted to post this shot so you can see...inspiration is all around us....this surface design can be anything from wrapping paper to greeting cards to plates to you name it....all for the ice cream lover in all of us.....

I also wanted to show you another wildlife photo....these past few weeks I have been running into so many cute animals...what a blessing.....this family was so so cute...they had a few more that needed to join up with they waited and watched me as they came together again...once they were all together...about 5 of them...they were gone like lightning....I am glad I captured a bunch of great shots in the meantime....

Well it is great to be back and I have to catch up and visit you all....

Happy Monday!!!



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Look who I ran into....

On the way home from the cottage we stopped to grab some coffee and as we drank it in the park...this little guy came running across the first I thought it was a dog or something ...but it was the cutest fox ever...he came right up to us...and he was hungry so Cole was nice enough to share some food with him.....

Amazing who you can run into!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Experimentation in the studio- Printed Fabric and silk....

I was experimenting with some fabric that I printed using my Victorian ladies...and ended up creating these brooches....They are all made with silk and my artwork and some fun embellishments....I am off to do some more experimenting in the studio....what fun to just create and see what happens..... These ladies are all available in my shop!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Character sketch and me and my pony....many moons ago....

Hi Everyone...

I thought I would share a cute little dog sketch I just finished tonight....

I also found this photo and laughed at how much Cole looks like me as a baby.....what a riot.....

I loved riding my pony and this is probably why I took up riding when I was growing up.....

This photo was taken many moons ago as you can see from the very fun decor my parents had in their home...hehehehe

Have a wonderful day!!!



oh and I just got a note about a treasury that featured my art earings...what fun!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Nature’s Blues and Browns

Hi Everyone...whenever I think of nature I always think of birds...and I really love the blue brown this week for MMM I decided to do a cute little sketch of a blue bird ...I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The fruits of our labour....

Hi Everyone....we picked up some yummy treats from our vegetable garden...I had no idea everything would be so huge within a few days....the weather has been perfect for zucchini and cauliflower....then we cooked up some yummy food ...a recipe for zucchini that you should all try is here.....and I also made some yummy chocolate zucchini cupcakes...(gotta sneak in all the vegetables I can into treats for Cole) he loved eating the food we picked....
Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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