Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Art Piece...heading to it's new home...

August and Heidi - Ring Bearer Pillow

August and Heidi - Ring Bearer Pillow 2

I really love working on these wooden canvas pieces that will be used firstly as a ring bearer pillow....and then as a keepsake and wonderful memory for years to come....I just finished another piece that is heading to a special Bride to be....I love knowing that my art will be a part of something as special as a Wedding Day....means the world to me!!! I have one from years ago and now I love that people think it is a totally neat way to carry rings at their ceremony....If you are getting married or know someone that will love this can send them to my Custom Stuff Etsy Shop.....

Now back to the Studio to work on some more commissioned pieces....

Happy Creating Everyone!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Wow Diana! What an interesting take on the traditional *pillow*.
It's useful for the ceremony and totally useful AFTER! (I always wondered what people did with those little pillows anyway....)
Very nice!


Deborah said...

OOoooooo the bride and groom are going to be so happy with this. I think this is a very clever invention and a much better keepsake than a pillow. And SO Diana! ♥♥♥ Deb

Janine said...

Great work again.
Thank you for your cheering comment.
You are great

Unknown said...

Hi Anne and Deborah!!! I have been doing these for years now and they are always a huge dusty pillow keepsakes...just a special piece that no little one can break and the Happy Couple can keep forever!!!! I love these!!!!

you can see the one from our Wedding in my listing on Etsy....

I loved creating these locally I decided to make them available in my shop!!!

Hugs and thanks for popping by!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Diana,
What a Happy Day! I was so happy to hear from you!!!
How is little Cole doing? Good, I hope!!! And I see his mom is doing awesome too!!
Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cindy!!! so great to see you again too!!!!

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