Monday, April 18, 2011

Sharing my fun little process ..... try it out!

Today I thought it would be fun to share a little process I go through once a week. It is a really fun way to just create with no idea of the final outcome.....Each piece is a little piece of a puzzle I put together as I get inspired..... and throughout the week I create pieces as an on-going little mini today I worked on this piece......and now for my process......

1 big sketchbook
1 pencil or ink pen
Relaxing place

    Directions.....sit in a comfortable place with your handy sketchbook, draw anything and can pick a theme today for example I was inspired by blooms and mother nature.....keep drawing away till you fill up your page. Each piece can be anything ....any shape and you can create multiple styles of something. For example today I created several petal like pieces....all to be used this week to create new fun florals......So below is my page all doodled up......

    surface design floral 3

    I then take these pieces and create bigger things with the pieces....a little creative process I thought I would share with you all today....

    surface design floral 2

    surface design floral

    Throughout the week use these mini sketches in a collection to create new pieces of can even use this as a warm up for your Studio is fun and addicting......So try it out ....I challenge you to try this fun process and come back here and share it with us....


    Draffin Bears said...

    Hi Diana,

    Thank you for sharing your challenge with us and I love your wonderful piece of art. The colours are pretty.

    Happy week

    Michaele Razi said...

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing and for the visit. I was at a SCBWI conference this weekend and scrambling to get my portfolio presentable. It's over so I now I get to get back to sketching. Whew! Maybe someday I'll be a productive as you *cross fingers*!

    soulbrush said...

    This is new on your blog- and I am going to try it later and hope to report back to youse all. hugs xx

    Tammie Lee said...

    I love hearing how you go about this art. Your colors and designs make me feel good. Did you repeat the pattern in a computer program or by hand?

    I will have to give your idea a try some time.

    Sinderella's Studio said...

    I think this is a great process...I too want to know if you reproduce on the computer or color / paint yourself each individual piece. Very intriguing.

    peggy aplSEEDS said...

    peggy aplSEEDS

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