Monday, September 2, 2013

Wonderful long weekend!!! now back to School!....full of inspiration and soon time to work more....


Hi Everyone....we are back from our super amazing long is always bittersweet for me ....the start of School....I am so excited for our little munchkin....but at the same time I will miss my trusty sidekick!

It will give me a chance to dive into my work full force....and I feel truly grateful for all of the inspiration from the much to see and so many beautiful scenes....The tally for the weekend....

  • one moose
  • 7 deer
  • 1 turtle
  • 1 beaver
  • 9 ducks
  • 1 loon
  • dragonflies by the hundred
  • and a few more birds....
amazing indeed!!!

The super cool thing was watching 4 special ducks....all summer long....we fed them from when they were babies and watched them grow....this weekend it was harder to differentiate them from their Mommy....amazing and a blessing....I will be back to my 10 Minute Warm ups....but I can't wait to see what you all have to share!!!

Join me!!!

10 Minute Warm Up is about taking 10 minutes of your day to breathe, relax, open up your mind to possibilities and then create can be inspired to sketch your coffee cup....something on your desk....your table....anything....try is a great way to start the day....then pop back here and share it so we can all see and be inspired by each other!!! I have a linkie thing here so you can add your work any day of the week ....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday join me!!! won't you!

Happy Monday Everyone....and Happy Creating.....

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martinealison said...


Comme prévu, après mes longues semaines éloignées des blogs, me revoici parmi vous ! Vous m'avez beaucoup manqué... Tu m'as beaucoup manqué !

Je suis heureuse d'ouvrir aujourd'hui la page de votre dernière publication.
Merci pour les photos extraordinaires de ce beau week-end.
Je te souhaite une excellente rentrée.
Gros bisous

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

How wonderful that you had a great long weekend and love all the photos you took.
Wishing you a happy time back to work and Cole back to school.


Kays Kids said...

They are lovely photos.

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