Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet my fun little Jack-o-lantern character.....he came to life for my 10 Minute Warm Up today!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone....I just made some amazing butternut squash soup for today and used all the amazing ingredients that we grew in our garden....from the garlic and onions to the Butternut Squash.....

this soup will warm anyone's heart and soul on a chilly beautiful day like today....and speaking of Squash and pumpkins....I took 10 minutes to whip up this fun little character!!! I think I will take 10 minutes to colour him and share him again in colour....what a fun start to the day.....


Join me!!!

10 Minute Warm Up is about taking 10 minutes of your day to breathe, relax, open up your mind to possibilities and then create something....you can be inspired to sketch your coffee cup....something on your desk....your table....anything....try it....it is a great way to start the day....then pop back here and share it so we can all see and be inspired by each other!!! I have a linkie thing here so you can add your work any day of the week ....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and....Sunday....so join me!!! won't you!

Happy Tuesday Everyone....and Happy Creating.....

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Rita said...

Oh my goodness, your garden went bonkers. I had terrible luck this year and then our new dog ate my soaker hoses so that was really the end of our veggies this year. I'm hoping to fix the problem soon so I can plant a winter crop. Your soup description made my stomach growl!

Kokopelli said...

I'm harvesting like crazy these days, too. Yesterday I picked 2kg of green beans, several cucumbers and zucchini and lots of tomatoes. Awesome and delicious!

Unknown said...

my garden did not grow well at all this year...too much heat and water. I am so looking forward to cooler weather, and warm soup.

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