Monday, December 6, 2010

Back in the Studio with tons of inspiration from a weekend in New York City!!!

December 5th 2010 017

December 5th 2010 191

This is my favorite time of year.....everything is so beautiful and everyone is in such a wonderful spirit.....I took some time away from the Studio to head to one of my favorite places in December...New York City.....If you ever need inspiration you will find it much hustle and bustle and so much beauty all around...and talk about wonder it is the hub for all things can't help but draw energy from everything around you here.....
December 5th 2010 206

Everything was decorated and we shared some great laughs and we must have walked till we could barely walk no more....pure fun and pure inspiration.....
December 5th 2010 246

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December 5th 2010 401

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December 5th 2010 337

December 5th 2010 193
it wouldn't be a trip to NYC without one of the your mouth watering yet!!!
December 5th 2010 194

December 5th 2010 219

December 5th 2010 408

December 5th 2010 405

December 5th 2010 402

December 5th 2010 089
Here is my yummy lunch in little Cafe Napoli in Little Italy....these Gnocchi were so so good!!!!
December 5th 2010 400

December 5th 2010 398

December 5th 2010 272
New York Cheesecakes.....yummy!
December 5th 2010 287

December 5th 2010 126
I have never been into much fiber art....but these are amazing pieces....even better in real have to see these!!!!
December 5th 2010 128

December 5th 2010 384
the box of canolli I brought home....oh these are so good....we only share one a day....
December 5th 2010 407

December 5th 2010 127

December 5th 2010 389
my new NY ornament....I love this one!!!
December 5th 2010 223

December 5th 2010 388

December 5th 2010 014

December 5th 2010 036

December 5th 2010 060
the cab rides are hilarious...They drive like maniacs....very impressive!!!
December 5th 2010 077
we shopped, we ate....we ate more and shopped more....and took in all of the wonderful sites and was amazing....Truly inspirational!!! and just what I needed to head back to the Studio.....

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....and I hope the week ahead is filled with inspiration and creativity....

Happy Monday!!!!


Candace Trew Camling said...

I enjoy NY too, but I am always glad to go back to a quieter pace of life... and less trash everywhere too! Looks like you guys saw a lot of pretty stuff! I love the decorations and the fiber art pieces (it takes a lot to impress me when I see fiber art too!)

Alexandra MacVean said...

Oh gosh I am SO SO SO jealous that you made it to New York!!! :) What great photos and goodies. I can't wait to see what your inspiration brings you!

marianne said...

Oh my..... this seems like the perfect few days away!!!!!!
Indeed very inspiring!!!!!
Looked like so much fun. Bet you got a lot of ideas ♥
Thanks for sharing this wonderful visit. Will show Felix tomorrow

Unknown said...

Hi Candace!!! I know what you is a very lively place filled with all kinds of fun and people all to visit!!!!

Hi Sophia!!!! it was so much fun!!! I really enjoyed it and it was just what I needed.....

Hi Marianne!!!! it was exactly what I needed ....a break with a lot of fun with friends, food and sights...and scenes and inspiration!!!!

Thank you for popping by!!!!

Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Diana! These pictures are great!! You were only an hour from me! I go into the city often! And you were eating some of my favorite foods.....gnocchi is my fav italian dish!! with vodka sauce! Yummy!!

glad you had a fabulous weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi Cathy!!!!! Oh how lucky for can head there in a pinch......and enjoy the sites and scenes and food and treats!!!!!!

I always have fun in NYC! We should hook up for Gnocchi one of these visits!!!!!!

Thanks for popping by!

Terri Kahrs said...

Diana, I agree . . . there's nothing like NYC - especially at Christmastime! Everything is so festive and your gorgeous pics captured it all beautifully. Love the pics of the tree in Rockefeller Center and those fabric art pieces sent my heart beating just a little faster than normal! So glad you had a great time!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Terri!!!! It is a wonderful time of year to enjoy New York....everything is magic!!!!!

And those fabric art pieces are truly person they are even more beautiful.......

You would love them!!!!!!

Janine said...

OHH New York, I wish I could be there too.
I love love love your great photos.
I believe that you are full of inspiration, and I am really glad for you.

Unknown said...

Hi Janine!!!! I wish you could have been there too.....what a fun place and I am very inspired to create!!!!!

Thanks for popping by! Thanks for the sweet words too.....

barbarasaintjacques said...

Fabulous photos.... thanks for posting!

SaraLynnArt said...

It looks like this was the most fantastic trip! There are so many beautiful pictures... thanks for sharing!

Lisa M Griffin said...

looks like an amazing time!

Debbie Clandening said...

What lushous photos the colors are awesome. I hope to go to New York one day. I'm glad you're having a good trip.Thank-you for your kind comments on my blog.

Deborah said...

Oh Diana, what fabulous shots! Always seeing through your artistic eyes. WOW. CANOLLI!!! Yum. I love NYC. I grew up in NJ. East Coast has the best bakeries ever. Rats. Now I want a hard roll. What a wonderful trip you had. Did Ford Model Agency sign you while you were there!!! You are gorgeous. **blows kisses** Deb

Unknown said...

What a wonderful set of photographs. You seem to be having a great time! It reminds me of when I was there a few years back around the same time of year. Glad you got lots of inspiration!

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