Thursday, February 25, 2010

Congratulations TEAM CANADA! The Women win Gold on Canadian Soil!

It is so wonderful to see our team win on Canadian soil....I felt so proud to see our flag raised with our National anthem playing for this wonderful team of Women who play our Canadian sport of hockey....There is something special about these games...they make us feel like dreams can really come true.....they make us try new things like...learning how to snow board....or taking up luge lessons.....they make us feel like we could be up there on that podium ...and we are there .... as a country....with glowing hearts!!!

I am always a softie over the Winter Olympics....I have never really been a lover of the summer ones...but somehow these always seem like home to me...

Here's to dreams !!!!

great work Team Canada!!!

you make us proud!


Dolores said...

I must say, the women are doing well all around. How wonderful for the Canadian women's hockey team.

Unknown said...

wonderful to make history and win on home soil!!! I cried at the medal ceremony....I am so thrilled!!!

Tom Rademakers said...

Congratulations Diana with the Gold medal for Canada.

Anonymous said...

Amen this is fabulous!
Always great to hear good news!
Thank you for your beautiful message and reaching out to me is such a kind way.

Congratulations Canada!

Have an awesome week!



Manon said...

I was so happy also!! Here's a little secret!! I'm only a Canadian fan.... I'll only cheer for the US if Canada's not!

Debby said...

YEAH!!!! CLAP!! CLAP!! So Proud!! Awesome post..Can it get any better than this?

Amy said...

I don't watch Hockey, but the Canadians have done well..I loved the guy who won gold for mens mogul skiing..he's an inspiration

Lisa M Griffin said...

Such a great game! My DH will be glued to the TV tomorrow for the mens hockey game. Should be interesting!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi Diana! It's so interesting for me that woman play in hockey on Olimpyc Games! Earlier, I never not see woman's hockey! Congratulations Canada!!! Yohohoooo... :)

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