Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Minute Warm Up....Thursday......I had to share these....adorable!!!

Hi Everyone...It is the last day of School!!! I had to wrap up some gifts for the Teachers...and I wanted to decorate them....I found the coolest birch bark paper and you know how much I love Birch trees....and then I wanted to add I thought about the cute Sitting Settings I created last week....and thought these would be perfect on top of gifts!!! I think they are adorable!!!! So I am going to take the morning off and enjoy some me time....before I am a super busy bee all Summer long with munchkin!!! so I am sharing this fun project with you all as my 10 Minute Warm Up today!!! Now off to add names to these and get them to School!!!

If you would love to have some to make you can get them here!!!
Hope you Join me in this super fun blog challenge!!! it only takes like 10 Minutes!!!!

Join me..........................................

10 Minute Warm Up is about taking 10 minutes of your day to breathe, relax, open up your mind to possibilities and then create can be inspired to sketch your coffee cup....something on your desk....your table....anything....try is a great way to start the day....then pop back here and share it so we can all see and be inspired by each other!!! I have a linkie thing here so you can add your work any day of the week ....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, join me!!! won't you!

Happy Thursday Everyone....and Happy Creating.....

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Melanie said...

Love the pressents. So original.
My boys just have to go for 2 days to school, 1 day to bring the books back and 1 day to go to a funpark, walibi. There are a lot of rolercoasters so that wil be fun for them.
And then we have schoolholydays to.
Liefs, Melanie

Netty said...

wow they all look wonderful Diana, hugs Annette x

dawn said...

Read thru all your warm-ups for this week and LOVE THEM!! How fun it is to see what you make each day. So great that you do this and never run out of ideas. Looking forward to seeing these each week!

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