Thursday, October 3, 2013

It feels like Summer....but it's fall.....10 Minute Warm Up....Share something !!!!!

It has been the most amazing week here!!! It has been super warm and we have been outdoors each and every is so nice to feel the warmth of the sun and know that we are super lucky to have this weather in the today....I am sharing this piece....inspired by all the sunny happiness Fall brings......hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather!!!!!


Join me!!!

10 Minute Warm Up is about taking 10 minutes of your day to breathe, relax, open up your mind to possibilities and then create can be inspired to sketch your coffee cup....something on your desk....your table....anything....try is a great way to start the day....then pop back here and share it so we can all see and be inspired by each other!!! I have a linkie thing here so you can add your work any day of the week ....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday join me!!! won't you!

Happy Monday Everyone....and Happy Creating.....

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Unknown said...

Wow Diana. This is adorable. I love the smily face of the scarecrow. So nice and all the bright colors. Autumn blessings Niina

Netty said...

oooh I love this, definitely one of my favourites of yours, Annette x

Unknown said...

I love pumpkins...time to hit the farmers market. :0)

Alexandra MacVean said...

Diana, I just love your scarecrow and Autumn colors!! It's my favorite time of the year. :)

And I really, really hope that one of these days I can participate in your 10-minute warm up at least 2x a week. Still trying to find a balance with all things going on.


Anonymous said...

oh I so like your art work.

Really Fall colors.

I have put up my Fall colors all

week and today in my blog.

Love this time.

Love the colors.

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