Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sweet Saturdays - week 40 - thinking about hearts.....and cake decorating!

 My Sweet Saturdays Post!!!

Hi Everyone.....I was just thinking about what I will be making for Valentine's day desserts....

and came across this fun idea...cute little mini adorable it this!!!! I love it....

I also have some sweet news...This week an old friend of mine from High School....and I are taking our first week of cake decorating classes!! how sweet is that!!! I can't wait to take the class....and share what we learn with all of you!!!!

Happy Sweet Saturday!!!!


I also wanted to share this cool cake I found on Pinterest 

imagine the children's faces when this thing comes out!!!! SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!


Lilac & Lavender said...

Those mini cakes are sooo cute!! And what a super sweet chocolate/candy cake!! Talk about a sugar rush :)

I've been thinking about Valentine's Day too :) I always keep some of my red, pink (often just faded red!) white, and gold Christmas bulbs out of storage, so I can use them for Valentine's day decorations :) My daughter's Christmas tree is now a vintage Valentine's Day tree :)

Have a wonderful day!

EVA said...

I wanted to give up sweet desserts after the recent overindulgence, but oh these look tempting! Good luck with your class!

Crystal said...

Oooh I love these cakes! Have a great weekend!

GlorV1 said...

Love those mini cakes. They look awesome and what a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Have fun in your cake class.

Erin K said...

Wow, I haven't even started thinking about Valentine's Day yet. lol.. But the heart shaped cake is so adorable and very yummy looking. Cake decorating sounds exciting! I hope you two have a blast. I love to bake, though I am still learning. ^^

I know right?! Pinterest has some very sinful deserts...and pinterest itself is just as addictive as chocolate. lol..

DoodleDesign said...

Owh! I just love cakes such as these. Thanks for sharing, Diana. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

=O wow these look so cute!! =D

marianne said...

Wonderful ideas Thanks for shariong Diana!
And those cake decorating lessons! Perfectly for you! I know you will have fun and maybe you can teach them some things as well :)
Have a nice Sunday♥

Janine said...

Oh how very sweet indeed.
Have a great and sweet week

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