Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweet Saturdays - Week # 002

Sweet Saturdays

sweet saturdays week 2

Hi Everyone....Welcome to week 2 of "Sweet Saturdays"

Sweet Saturdays are a way to share something sweet and help remind us to take a moment to enjoy something simple around can publish something sweet on your blog every Saturday and share it here....a photo, a recipe, an art piece ...anything .....and add your link here every Saturday.....

Today I created this bunny inspired art piece  above in some fun Spring tones.......and also baked these sweet treats for my family 

April 8th 2011 003

April 8th 2011 005

and made this wooden brooch and pendant....I thought these were some sweet things that I could share with you all on "Sweet Saturdays" this week......

April 8th 2011 026

Happy Sweet Saturday Everyone....join in and tell all your friends too!!!!

grab our button too....spread the word on some sweetness!


Teri said...

What a grand idea Diana. I will think of something for next week. Unless my zentangle for tomorrow is considered sweet enough. lol

Hannah said...

I'm in! Thanks for hosting. Those girls and their bunnies are the sweetest things I've ever seen.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

I love your sweet Saturday offerings.
The gorgeous looking cupcakes and the beautiful cute pendant and brooch are just adorable.

Happy weekend

Kristin Dudish said...

Hi Diana,

I love your sweetness... the combo of your adorable art & your yummy treats is great!

Unfortunately I don't have any new sweetness to offer this week, but I grabbed a button because I plan on playing along whenever I can - I think it's a great idea!... Who couldn't use some more sweetness in their life?!?


p.s. I love your blog and read it all the time, but when I went to my list of blogs that I follow to stop by for Sweet Saturday, I realized you weren't on the list?!? How could that be?... So now I'm "officially" following you - though I've been reading your blog regularly anyway! ha!

Christine said...

Good Morning Diana! You could be a professional baker, these are fantastic,lucky family you have! Nice pendant and brooch too. Thanks for hosting this fun event.

Morph Waffle said...

Your bunny cupcakes are adorable! The ones you made look super yummy and your pendants are very sweet and pretty!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Those mini cupcakes look incredibly yummy. Save some for me! :)

And your wooden brooch's turned out wonderful! Hugs!

Michaele Razi said...

Yay! Sweet Saturdays! Thanks for the invite, Diana. Those cupcakes look divine! I'm glad they're not in front of me--they would be gone in about 5 minutes! Yum!

Michaele Razi said...

Oh! And of course those lovely pendants are wonderful as well! xo

Anne Butera said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy! I thought about making brownies, but was busy with other things (including enjoying the first really warm day!). Hooray for spring and hooray for Sweet Saturdays! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Heather said...

Yummy cupcakes! They looks delicious... xo

lissa said...

kind of late but I thought I join in, though I'm not sure the drawing is consider sweet but I think the colors are.

hope your saturday is very sweet!

lissa said...

p.s. love all the cupcakes - real and the drawings, very sweet!

Sylvia Liu said...

very yummy looking and a great idea... I'll see if I can post something one of these Saturdays!

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