Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thanksgiving weekend @ the cottage....the leaves!!! amazing!!!

We had our Family join us at our cottage this past weekend for Thanksgiving and the scenery was truly spectacular!!!! I find that Autumn is the most wonderful Season filled with God's personal paintings and when winter comes he starts a new canvas!!!

Hope you enjoy these amazing photos ...yet I don't think they can do any justice to seeing them in person!!! What a wonderful world we live in....

I am leaving you today with one spend the next week seeing everything through your eyes as though you were a everything is new again and I know you will see so much more in your daily lives!!!!

Have an amazing night and I can't wait to share more with you all!!! 

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Jennifer Rose said...

all the colours look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


My family have cottages too. They were getting ready to close cottage till next Year.

They did have the thanksgiving dinner and blessings for each other.

My hubby and I have been at my cottage with my parents when my parents were alive.

Now they are with the Lord.

So all is good we are grateful for the beautiful Fall and Gods grace.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

I accept the challenge :)

Sami Pat said...

We are at the completion of the most beautiful leaf season in years here in my world. To have a cottage in all that splendor is an awesome treat. Happy Thanksgiving.

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