Monday, January 6, 2014

a photo a day...Day 4 - Fresh, Day 5 - on the counter...and Day 6 - Outdoors......

This little guy is waving hello! how much fresher can you get!

noting fresher than the fish market!

I made some homemade Calzones!!! they were Scrumptious!

a shot from our beautiful!

Sorry to be submitting all three days in one post...but it was the last weekend of Christmas Vacation before School starts and I had to spend every waking moment with our little munchkin!!! it was a wonderful weekend....

I am really loving this challenge!!! it opens your eyes to everything around you and teaches you to appreciate even the littlest have to try it!!!

The Idea Room's photo a day learn more...head here.

Happy Monday Everyone and Happy Creating!!!!

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Kays Kids said...

The price of your fish has blown me away. I realize we are in Kilograms instead of pounds. but doubling the price is still way, way below what we have to pay.
Love the snow in your yard.
Hugs Kay

Unknown said...

the trees look so pretty covered in snow.

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