Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Sweet Saturdays week #63 ......

Hi Everyone....

If you followed my blog from Spring till now you will know the history of these doves and the nests and the eggs....well I finally got to plant these wall planters after their last babies took flight and then the other day noticed that there was some nest matter in my planters again!!!!

At first I started to take out the bits and pieces...and they just kept making more....then the next time I looked...there was an egg....and then another now we have these cute doves sitting with us on the patio....very cute.....they just keep coming back for more....what I don't get is why they even need to sit on the is like 90 degrees out!!! its a wonder they don't cook ......

Thought they were super sweet and wanted to share them for my Sweet Saturdays post this week!!!

Happy Saturday and Happy Creating Everyone!!!


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, and those doves are really cute.
Have a great day!


Candace Jedrowicz said...


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

Must have felt comfortable to be nesting in your planters alongside the pretty flowers.
Enjoyed seeing your photos.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, in the sun

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