Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping Time....Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Hi Everyone....sorry I have not been around...Friday turned into a great day and night as 7 friends headed across the border to enjoy some laughs and shopping!!! it was so much fun....we ended up getting home pretty late and we found so many great things to buy!!!

Today my Mom is over helping me clean out some closets....and we are enjoying some quality time...I wanted to do a quick post to say hi to all of you and wish you a wonderful weekend.....



Diane said...

What a wonderful illustration. If you can't be surrounded by are the next best thing:>) You have a wonderful weekend too, Diana. Enjoy your day with your mom.
Hugs, Diane

Andrew Mckay | said...

Please don't encourage my wife ( and 6 year old daughter) Diana :)

If you post handbags/purses my wife will be straight out the door shopping>


Edrian Thomidis said...

OMG! You've been so busy with BBQs and gardening and Cole...How fantastic! I love your shopping illustration. Shopping for shoes, I think that's my weakness too.

Have a great weekend!

Diana Evans said...

hahahaah....glad everyone loves to shop or has someone special that does too....

thanks for popping in!!!!


Fannie said...

hi, diana. i wish my posts were quick and beautiful as yours. ;-D

shoes and shopping and spending time with friends--nice.

Beth said...

So cute! This reminds me of my daughter! She loves to shop! Have a great Sunday aternoon!

soulbrush said...

you go girl. who looked after cole?

Kristen Hermanny said...

I would have to do this with Cole Hahn. I haven't worn these shoes, but always admired them on Sex and the City.

If they make them narrow, I will have to try them out, they always looked so interesting.

I always wanted a pair of Foobogs. (sp???)

marianne said...

Wonderful illustration to match your shopping day out!
I love to buy shoes......
Hope you enjoyed the time with your mom!
I went to pick mine up Monday and we visited an old friend of hers, we had a wonderful day too.

Have a nice day today!

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