Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain for a few days.....but we are welcoming it!

We are getting rain on and off here for the next few days and I welcome that all my gardens can get some watering....I took these photos the other of the plants in one of my deck pots...they are so cheery and beautiful......

Then I took some photos of our lunch outside....Cole and I almost always eat al fresco when it is nice out!!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and pop back for some art later!!!




Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi diana!
oh what a perfect day!
i love all of your photos!
i wish we lived closer so we could spend the day together!
:) melissa

carly said...

squealed again at the sight of dog. so adorable. hmmm look at its wee grey snout.

Diane said...

The flowers are really gorgeous. I love seeing pics of Cole & Minnie together. I can tell they are best buds. Hugs, Diane

marianne said...

Sweet pictures!
Hope it will rain enough and that the sunshine comes after it!
Wonderful yelllow flowers! What are they called?

Have a nice day!

theothermousie said...

More beautiful pictures, such cheery flowers too. We've had plenty of rain today in the UK. xx

Cathy said...

What are those yellow flowers? They are absolutely gorgeous!

Cathy ♥

Fannie said...

sweet! love the flowers and handsome cole! ditto what melissa said, wish we lived closer.

Sherry said...

Been raining here in NC on and off for 5 days with more to come. We need it. Still catching up from the lack of rain last year. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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