Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainy days and baking yummy cookies....

Cole and I love to create....whether it's painting, sculpting out of play-doh or baking treats in the kitchen...Cole has always sat and watched me but now he actually helps me with stuff...he is the sweetest....We baked a double batch of Chocolate Chip cookies for Daddy......They are yummy! We made three sizes...small medium and huge

The 2 big ones are for Daddy and his friend at work!

Have a sweet day and if it's rainy where you are....don't fret...just create! We are stuck indoors today with lots of rain...


Renee said...

Diana I am melting.

I seriously think Cole should marry my about to be 2 year old granddaughter when they are 30.

He is more delicious than the cookies and I love cookies.

This was a really good post for me and I think it was full of memories of me and Nathan making cookies.

Love Renee xoxo

Diana Evans said...

oh you are so sweet Renee....I think they should meet when they get older!!! that would be one wonderful story.....

he sure makes my day with his smiles and fun way to show me all the beauty in each and every day...I think thanks to him I notice more around me...and I am so grateful for that.....


Diane said...

Hi Diana! I love Renee's comments.
Cole is definitely sweeter than the sweetest cookies! Those cookies look wonderfully delicious.
I am staying indoors today also but to escape the heat of the sun. It's inching up toward 90 today.
Hugs, Diane
xoxo to Cole

Diana Evans said...

It rained all night and all morning and now the sun is out and drying everything up!!! I just started cleaning my laundry room ...I like to get everything doen when the rain is out!!! if it's sunny Cole always says....let's go outside NOW!!!!! he is down for a nap today....he got up too early this morning and he is a bit I will finish cleaning while he naps...then it will be outside all evening for us....

yoon see said...

Cole is so so cute and I am so hungry seeing his funny post.
I wonder the internet can invent a smell that I smell the cookies here not just see only!
Happy weekend dear Diana.

You got a love blog on food.
Love all the great foods here and their illustrations!

Diana Evans said...

Thanks Yoon!!! I wish we could smell yummy treats would be fun!!!

Thanks for popping by!!! I have some more yummy treats I am planning so I will be sure to have more food posts!!!


marianne said...

Oh those cookies look delicious!!!
My son Felix just loves chocolate chip cookies!
Cole looks so adorable! His deep brown eyes! What a pretty picture!

get zapped said...

my mouth is watering...I'll be right over :)

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