Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomatoes! the best things in life are free.....

August 16th 2010 007

August 16th 2010 011

August 16th 2010 008

Today was all about family...just me and my two boys...we did some gardening...we trimmed some trees, we picked some lavender and tomatoes and we swam and enjoyed all of the wonder around us....we didn't have to go anywhere....we didn't have to spend a dime...it was priceless...and the greatest part of the whole day was our son looking at us this evening and saying....

"Mommy and Daddy, we had a really good day"

He always puts things into perspective.....bless his cute little heart!!!


Manon Doyle said...

Oh... those tomatoes look wonderful I have also been eating fresh tomatoes with basil. Your little helper is cute as always!!

Sounds like your doing great, Diana!!

Diana Evans said...

things are wonderful Manon!!! I am taking everything in each and every day!!! I am finding joy in all kinds of funny places...and I love it!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

Love your happy post today, dear friend.
I agree the best things in life are free. Glad that you had a lovely day and the tomatoes look so ripe and wonderful.
You have the sweetest little boy.

Have a great week

Annette Q said...

Hi diana,
What a sweetie, these moments are so important to cherish aren't they? Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing :-)

Terri Kahrs said...

Diana, sounds like the PERFECT day!!! And the tomatos are beautiful! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Kristin said...

Ooh, how cute is he?! Wonderful pictures - I love Cole's cheeks - and amazing tomato salad!
Thank you for your sweet comments about my blogiversary - do you know that YOU were the first non-familiy member follower of mine? I will never forget that!
Thank you for everything,
Kristin xo

Diana Evans said...

oh Kristin!!! you are so so sweet!!! and I think the world of you and your amazing art!!!


Lisa M Griffin said...

Oh, YUM!!! Makes my mouth water. ;)

Amy said...

Diana, what is the recipe? I have a ton of tomatos right.. it is nature's beauty and the time with your son..priceless!

Marie S said...

Oh my goodness Cole is getting big.
What a beautiful tomato.
What a great day.
Love and hugs.

Deborah said...

Diana, this is the absolute truth. You are such a wise little one...much wiser than I in my youth. Cole. OMGoodness. **swoons** Deb

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Awww, those are the best days. :) And he is a doll. :)

marianne said...

Sounds like the perfect day together!

Doda said...

YUmmy! You can't beat home grown tomatoes!

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