Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you an illustrator? do you want to get published and also market your work?


I think it is important to help other as we help I am starting something new to help market the work of Illustrators everywhere....and as a bonus also get them Published!

I started a small Publishing company a while back and after working on postcard campaigns and spending small fortunes for on-line portfolio sites to get my work out there, I came up with something totally new and out of the box. My Publishing company will be creating an Annual book that will highlight the work of 100 Illustrators. 

Each year our panel will choose 100 illustrators to create 100 illustrations that will be published in our Annual book. This book will be available at almost every bookstore via it's ISBN. The book will also be used as a marketing tool to help get more exposure for your work. 100 Illustrations will maintain a list of all the leading Art Directors and people in the Business so we can help you market you work.

This is a new and wonderful way to create something more than just a postcard mailing or an on-line portfolio site. For less money you can get Published, get help with your marketing to the leaders in the Industry and also have an on-line presence.

So whether you're a seasoned Illustrator or an Aspiring one you will be part of a new way to get your work out to the masses. 100 Illustrations will be an Annual book that will be created with new work each year. These will become wonderful keepsakes for you and your families and for everyone who is in love with beautiful illustrations. So try something totally out of the box and get your work Published and out there!

We are now accepting submissions for our first Annual Published Picture book that is all about you...the illustrators out there. The deadline to join this wonderful project is January 3rd 2011. There are only 100 spots available so be sure to send in your submissions.

So hurry and submit your work for review....

There are 5 members on our panel that approve each illustrator....and there will only be 100 spots open...

If you have any questions about the can send them to the team


Lisa Graves said...

Ooooh la la!!! Just sent in some samples. I can't believe you're doing this! You are one busy bee sister!

DoodleDesign said...

Hmm.. is this just for illustrators living in the USA?

Juz curious..


tera said...

What a wonderful idea! Hmmmm...let's see if I have something laying around.


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