Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mind Wide Open - My submission - and a link to vote for your favorite...(hopefully mine) lol

hi Everyone....

i just found this blog called "Mind Wide Open" ...what you do is take an image they give you and create an artpiece with I gave it a go!!! what a fun project... You can check out all the submissions here....and then vote for your favorite piece .....

Have fun!!!


and wow...I don't think I have every made 3 posts in one day....a busy Wednesday for blog posts....enjoy!!!


Bella Sinclair said...

Wow, Diana! You've been hit with a fury of creativity since I've last been here! I love this piece AND the dress piece AND your bikini piece AND your Cuppie Doll AND the wood burning piece! Oh MY, that's a lotta love. :D You are such an incredible artist, and everything just sings of joy. I get the impression you sing happily and loudly while you create, too. Do you? :)

I'm off to vote for this now!

Diana Evans said...

oh Bella!!! thanks for the kind words!!! you are the sweetest!

and I think I do have days when I sing out loud...but everyday I get to create I feel blessed and know that my soul sings as loud as it can!!!


June said...

Its beautiful Diane. I love how you collaged this and made it very original.
Hugs June xxx
ps adding myself to follow you. Also if you check out my art freebies blog there is an image challenge there each week also another at soartful .. of course not always time to do these things so i understand if you dont get there too

Joy said...

I'm in awe of your talent, Diana!

Diane said...

Really beautiful, Diana! There are some amazing entries in this one.

Indigene said...

Oh my, Diana, I can't believe I missed this! This is so beautiful...honey, you have my vote...Wow!

Emily said...

love these little collage pieces Diana! Been so busy of late but I sooo miss droping by!
lots o hugs!

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