Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CLOSED - and the winner is.....GIVEAWAY!!! 250 Postcards 4x6 14pt matte (color front, blank back) from MyPostcardPrinting.com

Thanks everyone!!! The winner of the 250 free colour postcards is Indigene....

Hi Everyone....I love to create postcard campaigns to help raise awareness of my work. Marketing is vital in this day and age to help get more business your way.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to win 250 color print postcards to help market your work or even just for fun....You can take part in this wonderful giveaway that I am hosting for My Post Card printing.com.....They offer up several services....... from Postcard Printing to Mailing Services...they make business easy....

and now for the giveaway!!!

all you have to do is leave a comment below...and let me know how you would creatively use your 250 Postcards..........The winner will be randomly selected and a post will be made announcing the winner within a few weeks.....

Here is a sample postcard I created for my own campaign....

Have a wonderful day....


Note: Shipping is free for winners in the US and Canada. Those who reside in other countries must pay for shipping, but the postcards are still free!


Little Miss Mel said...

i definately agree with you diana! marketing and advertising is vital to promote anything! and it works! that's how I would use my postcards!

Carla Burke said...

Dear Diana,
How would I use my 250 postcards? Well, I would send a postcard to 250 friends, relatives, neighbors, schools and librarians that our next book is coming out with the release date, and that it is not to be missed.


Dreamypleasures Candles said...

Hi Diana, Love your blog! I would use the 250 postcards to keep in touch with my family. I am the only one left in Missouri - everyone else has moved to California, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas and Washington. So I haven't seen any of my family in years. Anyway, thanks for the contest! Nina

Dreamypleasures Candles said...

Hi Diana, I would use the cards to keep in touch with my family in California, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington. I would also use them to include in my packages of candles. Thank you for your contest. Love your blog. You are very talented. Nina

Edrian Thomidis said...

Hi Diana!

Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!!!

I would use the postcards to send out to potential publishers, clients, and agents. It's all about marketing!



Teri C said...

You are always doing such fun and generous stuff Diana.

I honestly don't know what I would do with that many postcards but it would sure keep me in touch with family and friends.

Diana, could you email me please. I am having a problem ordering your book and I want to get it from you. Thanks

Indigene said...

Diana, what a great thing to do! I'm not surprised, you're always creating in some way, shape or form!
I would use my 250 cards to send a thank you to everyone who has uttered any word of kindness to me. I would create a special piece of work for that postcard to show my gratitude.

Good luck and blessings to all who enter!

Sharon said...

I would use the postcards to get in touch with other artist. It is a great promotional tool. Great way to let people know any events you might be in. Fantastic idea Diana. Thanks Sharon

Cheryl Finley: said...

Hello Diana,
I am so glad you came by my blog (via Fannie's)..wow! What Delightful art you create..and I can feel your inviting spirit throughout your visual and word art..thank you. I would love be be a part of the Postcard Giveaway. I would use the postcards to promote my Mandala and SoulCollage workshops - and/or my new website-in-progress. To have your art help promote mine (and yours too) - is a win/win situation!
cheers! ~Cheryk

GARsticksandstring said...

Thanks so much for setting this up! I would love to win this prize and I would use the post cards to send to friends, family maybe hand out to random people, leave at churches for people to see to attract more people not only to my business but other's store on etsy! Thanks so much I met you on chat the other day and you are so nice!

Maybe God will Bless me and/or others!
Thanks GAR

Ces said...

Wow, I am impressed. I was actually in bed seeing that it is 12:08 AM. But an angel awakened me and said: "Lo! wake up you sleepy head! There's a postcard giveaway at Diana's. Better leave you silly comment so she can choose you." ...and I awakened and dragged my big behind to the corner chair where I typed this eloquent message and I declare: "Yes I want 250 postcards to promote my work" Then a voice said. You don't have many friends. You just need five." and my heart sulked...Bwah hu hu hu?


What a generous giveaway Diana....I suppose I would use my postcards as a thank you for those who purchased my art and to also promote my workshops :)

soulbrush said...

'good golly miss molly
this giveaway is pretty jolly.'
as i am 'hooked' on atc cards
i'd make a set 0f 250 cards
for my bloggy friends
and their bloggy friends
and their bloggy friends
in a huge huge
'pay it forward'

Lisa M Griffin said...

Good Morning. You are amazing... always on the "creative ball". I haven't heard of this printer and will certainly check them out. In the past, depending on the project and quantity I would either use a local printer or Vistaprint. But you are right about marketing and I REALLY need to finish up my spring promo and get that out. Thanks for sharing.

Fannie said...

hi, diana. your postcard is fantastic! how would i use 250 postcards . . . hmmm, i would probably create an image that would symbolize possibilities and potential and add inspiring text with words of gratitude. On the front, i would include a collage of thumbnail images of my newest items in my shop--my boutique handbags, totes and clutches. I would also include them in my sales packages, project submissions, and add them in my holiday mailing.

Thanks for your generosity and continued inspiration. You make blogging fun.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi diana!
oh what a fun giveaway!

i would put my postcards into every order i send.
:) melissa

Carli said...

I would send my postcards to publishers, editors, and art directors. I would also take some to conferences for promotional pieces. what a great giveaway Diana

Chickengirl said...

Oh everyone loves a giveaway!!!!!

I'll probably make a card where I can cross promote for licensing and children's illustration. I'm also moving in a few months, so maybe I can also use it as a change of address card!

And thank you for your kind words and wishes on my blog..I appreciate you always stopping by.

Candace Trew Camling said...

I would use them to do my summer promotional mailer! I just finished my spring one, but I am already thinking about it!

secret cake said...

The postcards are great! I would send one or two with each shipment, and keep them in my purse to hand out to everyone I come into contact with : )

Such a great giveaway; thanks for hosting!

Dot said...

I would send them all out to promote my work, OR, I would give the whole deal to my friend who is a wonderful photographer and recently lost his job, to promote HIS work!

marianne said...

Wow 250! That is a lot!
I know a few people but maybe I would dare to send them to companies as well and try to sell the idea I had years agao.
They are also nice to send around inviting them for a workshop.....

Lynn said...

How generous of you Diana, and a great idea for a giveaway :)

I would use the postcards to help promote my two Etsy shops.

mim said...

Hi Diana!

I would use these postcards to keep in touch with friends and family! What a great idea for sending a quick note to let someone know you're thinking about them!

GARsticksandstring said...

Hi Mrs. Diana!

Thanks again for doing this and I already entered so i don't know if this counts or not but I have a question or two.
1 how many entris may we have and will they count or will you only enter our name once?
2 I have folowed you and check your page countinuously but will you contact the winner incase they dont see the annoucements?
3 You have lovely work and your blogs are the best heehee
4 When doesthe contest end

Thanks again and I will check back soon for answers in the comment box

Glen (GARsticksandstring) said...

this is Garsticksandstring. I thought I would do any entry for our group blog. We are a group of etsy teens forming a group uniting and I am the moderator for the group! We would use the post cards to help spread the word that teens can make a change and a difference and we arn't just kids that can't do anything! Hopefully we can change the owrld and do us justice!

paru's_circle said...

i would send one each to all my blogging friends.. kinda like... comment on my post till the ___th. ________er,2009 and also to my non blogging friends.. and of course, keep one or two for me.. regards..P

Amanda Litz said...

Hi Diana,
Thank you for this opportunity to win the postcards. I would use the post cards in my school presentation as a way to promote my new book series The Traveler's Trunk. I would give a postcard to each kid and have them write a note to a friend they think would enjoy the book describing their favorite scene. Then suggest they deliver the postcard by hand or through the mail.
Best Wishes,
Amanda Litz

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Dreamypleasures Candles said...

Congrats !!

Dreamypleasures Candles said...

congratulations !!

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