Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Having so much fun with custom art....


I love creating some fun custom I thought I would share this piece I made for a friend of mine ....he always called his cubical a veal stall and we laughed so hard every time he complained about it.........and he always says that when I open up a cupcake bakery he will be hired as the Master Cupcake Tester.....and his work would be measured by weight...if he was losing weight he would be slacking off on the job....So here he is working on some problems at the office and dreaming of becoming the "Cupcake Tester".........

Happy Creating!!! 


Anonymous said...

You always amaze me with how versatile you are with anything you create.
So lovely to hear from you Diane.
Thank you for your lovely message.

Janine said...

Cupcak tester would be the right job for me, hi hi.
I like that picture and I am sure your customer will be more than pleased.
Have a great day

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