Monday, July 19, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Play things and some wonderful Birthday Memories...

July 15th - 18th2010 048 copy

Here is a piece I did as inspired by this hilarious pig game that Cole got as one of his gifts....and seeing that the theme on MMM this week is "play things" I thought this piece would be perfect!!! and we played all weekend with our little munchkin who just turned 4!!!!

We celebrated three days for Cole's birthday....and in three different places....The Day started off at home...with a photo of Cole with the birthday bear I bought him when he was born...and some fun decorating by Mommy....swimming and more fun...and of course a cupcake he is waking up with his Birthday bear....

July 15th - 18th2010 017 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 013 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 019 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 009 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 020 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 021 copy

First party was at my parents was so much fun!!! Here he is with his Grandmother and amazing parents!!!

July 15th - 18th2010 604 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 623 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 570 copy

second stop....the cottage in Huntsville...more fun and more cake...but this time Cole shared it with it is his Birthday on the 20th

July 15th - 18th2010 049 copy
Daddy skiing .....
July 15th - 18th2010 094 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 081 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 130 copy
a piggy painter I bought for Cole...we took him with us to the cottage so he could get some inspiration...and with a place like this....who wouldn't be inspired!!!
July 15th - 18th2010 148 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 024 copy

and the festivities ended at our home.....with one of my fun huge cupcake cakes...and family!!! who could ask for anything more....

July 15th - 18th2010 151 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 157 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 154 copy

July 15th - 18th2010 166 copy

Make a wish!!!!

July 15th - 18th2010 159 copy

as I was cleaning up after the mini party today at our place...Cole said....out of the blue....

I love you Mommy....

and my heart melted and I realized just how blessed I am to be his Mom...


Gayle Page-Robak said...

Cole is a very fortunate little boy to have you as his Mommy, Diana...such a beautiful birthday all made so special for him and his daddy. Your portrait of him is absolutely awesome, you could not have made it any lovelier, it is excellent, right down to his lovely smile. Great artwork as always. Happy birthday to the Birthday Boys! Hugs, Gayle.

Sandy said...

So so lovely.
Fantastic work and so lovely photo´s from your darling boy. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

looks like a fun birthday! love the cupcake toppers and how you altered the pic of your son - very clever! thanks for sharing his special day with us!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diana,

Lovely photos of Cole's birthday and what a lucky boy he is to have a Mother, like you.
What a fun birthday celebration you all had, and you have a lovely family.

Happy week

Draffin Bears said...

We must have been posting each other, our notes at the same time!


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Diana,
How PRECIOUS!!!! True play, wonder, and whimsy!!!!
I hope Cole had a wonderful birthday!!! You are blessed, dear precious.

Sending hugs your way,

Rosie said...

What a wonderful post Diana!! Happy birthday to Cole and Brad too... your portrait of him is lovely - especially his super smile! What a wonderful family you have - and I have never seen such enormous cupcakes!

joanna said...

Beautiful entry Diana! You did a wonderful portrait if Cole!! and I love his cake!! you are so creative!

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a lovely share Diana, it is almost as good as being there. I love all your special touches and how you create such wonderful memories for Cole (such a cutie).

Faye said...

Diana, your painting so gorgeous, And the birthday parties, all of them, sound like so much fun. This theme of playing was really right up your alley. Your Cole seems very special. I think 4 is one of the best ages, still young enough to be Mommy's little man and yet old enough to do things that constantly amaze parents. What a blessing he is! And what a blessing your post was! It was a super way to begin the week.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a wonderful party and art!

please give hug 4 big birthday hugs from us!

m & e

Janine said...

Cole looks so absolutly happy, how couldn´t he?
It looks like the greatest party ever.
And your wonderful painting will be a great memory for him.

Terri Kahrs said...

Thanks soooo much for sharing all of Cole's wonderful Birthday cakes and surprises! He sure had a wonderful Birthday filled with amazing treats, gifts, surprises and (most of all) a TON of love & hugs from his family. Awesome!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

WrightStuff said...

Happy Birthday Cole - thanks for sharing your photos with us, it felt like we were there having fun with you!

Deborah said...

**squeals** That face, that smile, that beautiful country of yours! What a lovely family you have. Truly blessed you are. **kisskiss** Deb
PS There is plenty of room still in the beer truck, however, "a few" of the guests are getting fig tart all over....

Nan said...

What a wonderful illustration! I loved seeing your celebration. You are truly blessed!

Kathy said...

Oh, how I miss those days, Diana! Your whole family is beautiful and looks like so much fun that I see exactly where your creative, loving heart comes from. I enjoyed celebrating Cole's birtday through your pictures. Thanks for allowing me recapture some very precious memories!

Manon Doyle said...

Happy birthday, Cole!! Loved the pics ....lucky guy!! Your piece is awesome and your little man is so cute!!

Amalia K said...

Awww, I wish I had people spoiling me to bits like that when I was a kid! I would've been a very, very happy kid...hence the look of incredible bliss on your gorgeous boy's face! Hahahaa...

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my place, Diana. I always love it when you do. :))

Julia Christie said...

Diana - what a beautiful little man he is and so fortunate to have such a talented mama! Happy birthday Cole!

Thanks also for your visits and wonderful comments- I so appreciate them as I have so much respect for your art and your opinion. Thanks for the suggestion for naming that piece too ~ I'll post when I finally decide which name to go with.


Oxana said...

Hi Diana! Happy birthday to Cole!!! I love your piece and idea!


wonderful artwork...and happy birthday wishes all around :)

Kristin said...

Oh, happy birthday to both of your boys! It looked like a wonderful day and that cake is so grand! And, BTW, I love your MMM piece - the kraft paper look is really stunning and I know that it will be a meaningful piece for him in years to come, Kristin xo


A special piece to commemorate a special memory, and yes .... you are blessed!
Inka :)

Amy said...

wow, so many birthday's for one little boy..he has lots of wishes then..hope they all come true! What a little sweet bean. Love the large cupcake..cake! That is so cool..cute cake topping's. Did you decorate them all??
I love decorating cakes for my kids too..makes them extra special-anyway..happy birthday to your Cole!

Diane said...

Diana, firstly your art piece is amazing! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your wonderful little Cole! Enjoy all of these precious moments (I know you do)! Diane

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