Friday, January 11, 2008

Yummy Sketch of the Day - Apple and some fun updates

Hi Everyone...
Today was a big feast day for us so I decided to post a healthy "Yummy Sketch of the Day"
an the word is being used by our 18 month old son...he walks around asking for apples all the time...very cute....
I have a few special requests that I will be completing on the of the requests requires me to do some research as I never ate it before...or don't think I have anyway....It came from Get Zapped and it is a request for a bowl of hot Pho (with tofu) pop back to check it out....I love the challenge of having to investigate the food to be able to draw thank you!!!!

Yesterday I also went out shopping and found a new brand of green tea....Blueberry Green Tea made by Tetley It is the best green tea I have ever is so refreshing and yummy I think I drank about 4 cups of it yesterday and lastnight....and the way it smells as you brew it....amazing!

Blueberry Green Tea
Real blueberries give this green tea its' distinctive all-natural flavour and colour. Fragrant, gentle and sweet, it offers the health-promoting benefits of green tea as well as those of blueberry with every sip. It’s a combination that’s hard to resist.
Click here to discover the origins of this and other types of tea.

Well tonight we went out for a lovely dinner and now it's time to just relax and enjoy friday night...
Have a wonderful Day!



Kate said...

Ooo...I can just imagine the nice crisp "snap" of the apple when bitten into! Mmmm... My favorite is the MacIntosh (same as my favorite computer!) : )

Pho is Vietnamese soup, I believe....filled with all kinds of goodies like noodles, veggies and an egg.

Your Tetley tea looks so good, I would like to request a cup of tea with a small plate of petit fours please!

Thanks again for the sushi with miso soup. : ) Have a good weekend!

David said...

an apple a day does keep the doctor away

but I would love some bad snacks

Mark said...

nice apple
looks so fresh and juicy and that tea sounds good
but I prefer coffee

nice work as always

Diana Evans said...

thanks for the wonderful comments !!!

oh Kathleen...I always wanted to draw some petit fours....



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