Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yummy Sketch of the Day - Earl Grey Green Tea.....and my updates

Inspired by Kathleen's illustration friday submission and the fact that I've been drinking a lot of tea these days....I feature a nice warm cup of Earl Grey Green tea...one of my favorites....and a yummy Anise Biscotti
My focus this week is to have a rough draft completed of my 2008 Business Plan...I think having a plan makes it easier not to miss any opportunities so I feel better with a nice plan and many goals and milestones to go along with it...
Have a wonderful day and pop by often...I like the company...


Kate said...

Aww...thanks for the link Diana! And, very cute illustration, I might add! I love biscotti with tea, too, espcially for dunking!

Mark said...

cute cup of tea and Katleen's site is cool thanks for the link

I am making another request this week ( as long as there are no limits on how many requests a person can post)

a nice big sandwich

how's that?

Chickengirl said...

ohhh all this drawings of food I love!

Ah I need to sit down and write a few goals and such for 2008 too.

get zapped said...

Darling! This would make a lovely card. I love tea and don't drink much black tea, but when I do it's earl grey (with a little cream). Thanks for sharing. :]

David said...

so girly today

how about a real drink like coffee


Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Diana, oh I love this one...beautiful color on the tea cup and the biscotti on the side...great addition.
If its okay, I have a request for a yummy treat. I am longing for some good canadian pancakes and maple syrup! have a great day Diana. I just love these yummy sketches :) xxx

Lisa said...

love it as usual

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