Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I survived!!!

Hello Dear Blog Friends!!!My trusty little side kick started his first day of Grade 3 yesterday!!! He had the most amazing time and I was so thrilled he loved going to School....I had to immerse myself in work and business stuff to survive the day!!! I missed him so....I will have so much more time in the Studio now and more time to grow my amazing Arbonne Business too!!! I have to keep busy while he is away at School each day!!! and I love my work!!! so I will survive!!!

how are you all doing?

Happy Wednesday and Happy Creating Everyone....

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Kristin said...

Awe, he's grown up so fast! He's beautiful! You got this! xo

Christine said...

Gosh Cole is growing up so fast!

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Diana,
Je suis certaine qu'avec tout ce que tu as de créativité dans la tête que tu vas trouver le temps encore trop court !... Ton adorable garçon a bien grandi ! trop vite je pense !... Je lui souhaite une excellente rentrée et une bonne année scolaire.

Gros bisous à vous deux.

Alexandra MacVean said...

I can't believe just how fast he's growing up! Goodness! Before you know it, he'll be 18 and off to college! lol :)

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