Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cole New Spaceship Tent - Minnie likes it too...hehehehe

Hi Everyone....I just had to share a photo of Cole and his best friend they play in his new Spaceship tent....this tent is amazing....he loves it and uses his imagination when playing with have to love that!!!
Happy Sunday everyone...


Diane said...

WOW, that is some tent! Looks like a blast. What an adorable pic of both!

marianne said...

Oh Diana! What a priceless picture!
LOVE the tent! Too bad my boys are too old for it otherwise this would have been a must have!
Minnie just looks like the perfect dog, a real friend and companion, like only dogs can be!
Thanks for this uplifting post!
Have a nice weekend dear!!!!

Teri C said...

Oh so adorable and the look of happiness on his face is so precious!

Diana Evans said...

thank you everyone....he sure loves his cute little tent...and the things he comes up with....priceless!!!

kj said...

this is adorable! priceless moment!

mr. ryan, age 2, called on the phone this morning--he actually talked non stop. i only understood "i pee peed and got stickers" and "you coming?" but diana it warmed my heart right up. i thought you'd enjoy hearing that!

Lisa M Griffin said...

That is sooo cool! What a fun and fantastic item to spend an afternoon playing with... oh all the adventures he will go on. Thanks for sharing... he really is looking like such a big boy more and more!

Cindy DiBlasi said...

How cute. That looks like so much fun!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi diana!

oh this wonderful photo just made my whole day!


Diana Evans said...

thanks for all the sweet and kind notes!!! you all make our day!!!


Renee said...

Diana thank you for stopping by. Cole is a beautiful boy and I love the spaceship.

Renee xoxo

isay said...

perfect picture!

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