Sunday, December 30, 2007

The girls head out for our last dinner of 2007!

Tonight a bunch of my wonderful friends and I headed out for our last Dinner of 2007. We headed to a place called

Sotiris in Burlington. It is a family-owned and operated restaurant that specializes in authentic Greek cuisine. The Saganaki OPA! was amazing is Flaming Kefalotyri cheese and what could be a better way to start a meal...flaming yummy cheese...

The atmosphere is wonderful and you definately feel like you've wandered into a Greek Restaurant. The owner, Mata greeted us and the service was perfect to say the least. Our food was amazingly tasty and the quantity was abundant. We enjoyed our night out and even did a greek coffee reading for our friend Marina... interesting and fun!!!
Another wonderful time!
Here's to a whole new year of fun and great times...


Mark said...

looks like a fun night
that cheese on fire is too cool

David said...

yummmmmmm cheese

Lisa said...

that coffee pattern is freaky cool

so who does the readings?

Carmen said...

I had a blast last night (even through all the embarassment with the waiter)!!! Keep up the great work with all your blogs/paintings and all the other creative/fun stuff you do!!!!!

Diana Evans said...

thanks everyone...and Carmen...glad you are cool with the waiter

that was a great night as always!!!


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